Biodiversity conservation counts

To mark World Environment Day, Yayasan PETRONAS affords a glimpse into why it’s championing biodiversity conservation.

The word biodiversity regularly inspires pictures of remote places, deep in the jungles, where animals and flora coexist in a wholesome ecosystem. However, according to the World Health Organisation (WHO), humans depend upon biodiversity daily, although it is not constantly seen or apparent.

Biodiversity conservation

Our fitness and general properly-being rely upon items and services, including clean water, food, medicine, and gas assets, which might be derived from biodiversity and must be controlled sustainably.

Suffice it to say biodiversity is the muse of human fitness and a need for an efficient life. Biodiversity contributes to each conventional and modern drug; it contributes to financial development and regulates the climate, floods, and disease manipulation.

Biodiversity is also chargeable for recreational blessings, such as the classy development we get while we interact with nature and spiritual enrichment. Biodiversity, not the handiest, functions prominently in our everyday lives; however, it is also essential in human-controlled and herbal ecosystems. Decisions we make about our surroundings impact biodiversity; consequently, it is vital to adopt a sustainable technique to progress and develop.

Malaysia: A Haven for Biodiversity

Although Malaysia occupies the best 0.2 in line with cent of the sector’s landmass, our diverse plants and fauna make it one of the richest nations in biodiversity. We are 2d best to Indonesia, and Malaysia has been recognized as one of the 12 mega-diverse nations worldwide. Malaysia is currently expected to be domestic to over 170,000 vegetation and fauna species, with lots more still waiting to be discovered.

Our tropical rainforests, which have existed for over a hundred thirty million years, are habitats to a considerable amount of diversity. However, extinction has reared its unsightly head, and many flora and animals have always been misplaced by us.

It is vital for the motion to be taken, which needs to consist of creating and building focus on the values of biodiversity, making modifications in monetary incentives by the public and private quarters, and even imposing policies and policies to maintain the atmosphere alive.

As a leading oil and gasoline manufacturer, PETRONAS recognizes its position to perform sustainably. By doing so, it is liable for and has the opportunity to help guard the surroundings.

Yayasan PETRONAS – For Biodiversity, For Life

Through its corporate social obligation arm, Yayasan PETRONAS, the Company ambitions to supply sustainable effects thru the development of exceptional lifestyles in conjunction with superb socio-monetary modifications through Education, Community Well-being and Development, and the Environment.

Yayasan PETRONAS works with many partners to preserve the biodiversity of our rainforests, oceans, and mangroves. Many initiatives have been undertaken, among them:

Rainforest Conservation: Imbak Canyon Conservation Area (ICCA) and Imbak Canyon Studies Centre (ICSC)

The Imbak Canyon Studies Centre (ICSC), located in a pristine rainforest region within Sabah’s coronary heart, officially launched in March 2019, marking a historical milestone for the Imbak Canyon Conservation Area (ICCA).

The 27-hectare ICSC, funded using PETRONAS beneath the Yayasan Sabah Group-PETRONAS Imbak Canyon Conservation Partnership, functions facilities for studies, schooling, education, and nature.

By presenting surroundings studies furnished to encourage studies related to biodiversity, carbon sequestration, and renewable and smooth energy at ICSC, Yayasan PETRONAS aspires to construct neighborhood researchers’ abilities.

Yayasan PETRONAS is assured that the partnership with Yayasan Sabah Group will yield advantages now not best inside the sphere of conservation but may also open up opportunities for studies in the regions of pharmaceuticals, novelty chemical compounds, and alertness of Traditional Ecological Knowledge (TEK).

Mangrove Conservation

Mangroves are crucial for coastal safety and characteristics as habitats for endangered species and are a breeding and nursing ground for commercially precious fishes. Through its long-term partnership with the Malaysian Nature Society (MNS) and the neighborhood authorities, Yayasan PETRONAS has established the eco care Environmental Education Centre.

With the aid of volunteers, about 12,000 mangrove timber have been planted in Sungai Kerteh, Terengganu, overlaying an area of 14,000 square meters. The eco care program also functions instructional sports for school-going youngsters, the nearby community, and PETRONAS personnel.

Marine Conservation

Through a PETRONAS subsidiary, Malaysia LNG, Yayasan PETRONAS has also ventured into marine biodiversity conservation and regeneration. Under the Biodiversity, Environmental and Conservation (BEACON) mission, many Reef Balls TM had been deployed in Similajau National Park, Bintulu, Sarawak.