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Bulloch County schools begin August 1st. And there may be something new added to the curriculum for college students. Sex education. To comply with national law.

Last November, the Bulloch County School Board introduced the addition of intercourse education to its curriculum, and now dads,  moms, and students understand what to expect.

Bulloch County Schools

It’s a three-year section in the plan, starting with the approaching college year for grades 6-9, specializing in sexual definitions, sexual violence prevention, and preventative health measures.

Officials say the curriculum might be reality-primarily based, and not using the promotion of sexuality selections and abstinence is the idea of all training with contraception discussed in grades 8 and nine.

“Depending on the grade level, sixth grade starts greater with abstinence, puberty, wholesome relationships, and female and male reproductive device,” stated Debbie Sarratt, Bulloch County Schools. “For every grade beyond that, we upload classes based on the pupil’s development.”

The curriculum may be multiplied beginning with the 2020-21 faculty yr, with gender identification and sexual orientation being taught inside the 9th-grade year, with 7th and 8th graders getting those lessons starting with the 2021-22 school 12 months.

“They hear words, so we want to position definitions to the words,” defined Sarratt. “We’re in no manner teaching any values or urging students to assume one manner.”

Mother and father may review this new curriculum, and they’ll have the option to choose their infant out of the guides, which allows you to gain knowledge of all through the last ten days of each semester.

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