Fortis School Mental Health organizes internship program

The Department of Mental Health and Behavioural Sciences at Fortis Healthcare, below the aegis of Dr. Samir Parikh, establishes the psychology-based internship program, ‘Fortis Summer School Internship Program, 2019.’ The 6-day internship program is designed for students of Class XI & XII. Several leading colleges of Bangalore, like Inventure Academy and St. Joseph, are participating in conjunction with other distinguished colleges from Mumbai, Kolkata, Mohali, Ludhiana, Jaipur, Delhi NCR, and Chennai.

Mental Health organizes internship program

Involving a one-on-one interaction with a multidisciplinary team of experts, the internship will address subjects including clinical problems, mental interviewing, and the position of psychology in healthcare. A session at the implemented psychology regions will encourage college students to study the scope and diverse upcoming first-rate specialties within the subject. At the equal time, students collaborate in experiential arts-based totally activities to beautify self-recognition. A key component of this week-length internship changed into a social-media mission on intellectual health that scholars were to put together and showcase in the quiet of the week, which saw students writing poetry, vlogging, and creating innovative posters and works of art. The internship aims to expose students to psychology, construct their interests, and allow them to reshape conversations around mental health.

Speaking about the program, Dr. Samir Parikh stated, “Mental fitness has constantly been stigmatized, with the ones suffering being at the receiving give up of ridicule and discrimination. We concept it was time to construct an opportunity, a greater high-quality narrative around intellectual health, and that is how the concept of the summer internship was born. We found out that given the amount of time children spend on social media, we should channel it to be significant and advantageous so that the generations to return do not experience the type of stigma we did. And the response we were given from students has been virtually heartwarming.”

One in four in five humans in the world is stricken by a mental infection at some unspecified time in their future. Depression is the arena’s biggest contamination, impacting 300 million human beings across the globe. Yet, conversations around intellectual fitness retain to stay taboo in society nowadays. There is an 800% shortage of intellectual health experts in India nowadays. Given the growing prevalence of philosophical fitness-associated troubles, increasingly more college students have to take up the sector of psychology to deal with the infection burden. This internship is a step in that course – to expose students to psychology, construct their interests, and deliver an opportunity to reshape conversations around mental fitness.

There are authorities-sponsored internships in Canada and the United States. From time to time, these internships are political, where you work in Parliament or Capitol Hill. Other government-sponsored internships are language-based or competencies based totally. Check out your federal and country or provincial governments because they regularly provide training. Some of these internships are kids’ internship opportunities. These may have a particular age requirement; for example, it might require the applicant to be between 18 and 30.

Universities and faculties often provide internship packages. You can ask your campus professional services to discover how your faculty will let you location in work surroundings. Some of these internships might even depend on credit toward your diploma or perhaps count number on your transcript.

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Interns go through a hiring procedure. This is similar to that of a process. Prospective interns will be requested at hand in a resume and cowl letter, in addition to potential references. There will probably be an interview issue with the software system. Internships can be more aggressive to gather than different jobs because of the numerous advantages they provide inside the activity market. The interview is an appropriate time for the organization to explain what they count on from the intern and for the intern to invite questions on what the internship may be like. It is essential to set up an internship hour, the length, the supervision, and the expectancies.