Harley-Davidson India launches a summer internship program

As part of its tenth anniversary in India, American marquee brand Harley Davidson is introducing the summer season internship program for bike enthusiasts. Following the fulfillment of the U.S. Internship program launched the remaining summer, Harley-Davidson introduced the INTERN program for the primary time in India.

The initiative will provide an opportunity for Harley fanatics to experience the logo up close and personal; as a part of Harley-Davidson’s advertising, marketing, and social media team, the interns will take to the road and report their adventure in the course of the internship length.

summer internship program

Commenting on the launch of the Internship program, Sajeev Rajasekharan, handling director, Harley-Davidson India, stated, “We are pleased to launch the INTERN program in India for the primary time. The Internship may be an extraordinary way to engage and construct destiny Harley-Davidson riders, lending them a first-hand revel in the Harley-Davidson lifestyle. We are searching ahead to the following few months where at the end of the selection manner, three candidates will earn their location right here to spend an entire month with us.”

To qualify, applicants must have a flavor for the journey and be socially savvy storytellers. Interested applicants will want to describe what freedom manner to them using creating a video, write an essay, grow a photograph university of growing something piece of content material they want to make their software particular after filing it Harley-Davidson India’s Instagram management.

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