How To Improve Your Written Communication Skills

The importance of great writing skills is often lost on people. You might think that you are not a professional writer and you don’t need to write letters anymore, so writing skills are not essential for you. Truth be told, whether you are a writer, a businessperson, a technology expert or a marketer, good writing skills can actually be a great tool of career growth for you in every field. For instance, no matter what role or business vertical you are in, you would be required to write emails, product descriptions, explainers, make power-point presentations or spend time on report writing.

Written Communication Skills

However, writing is not a skill that a lot of people find easy to master. The primary reason is that it requires practice, discipline and constant focus. Let’s take a look at some of the tips that will definitely help you brush up your writing skills with greater ease and confidence:

Build your basics:

To become a master writer, the first requirement is to have a good understanding of the fundamentals of descriptive writing. You will have to acquaint yourself with grammar, spellings, and the art of structuring the sentences correctly. There are plenty of quality resources available online, or you can join a creative writing course/workshop. Even going old school by buying a good grammar book and dictionary can be a great help if you are open to making some extra efforts.

Write like a pro:

One of the main reasons why people fail to write good content is that they don’t consider it to be their job. However, if you wish to hone your writing skills then you must take every opportunity with utmost sincerity even if it is a routine report writing.

Find a buddy writer:

In companies with a sizeable staff, you will always be able to find at least one or two people who would be keen to improve their writing skills, and wondering how to go about it. All you need to do is to find that person and become writing buddies. Write regularly and get your work reviewed by your buddy and vice versa. That’s a great way to ensure accountability and improvement.

Observe and follow the style of writers you admire:

Whether you read blogs, newspaper columns, or books, there are bound to be some favourite writers and content creators whose content you can never get bored of. Deeply observing their writings, language usage, correctness of grammar and sentence forming and their ability of captivating descriptive writing, can help you analyse and improve your own writing skills.

Write Regularly:

Practice always leads to improvement. If you are serious about becoming a better writer then commit yourself to write daily, even if it is just one paragraph a day.

Read More:

Learning by example is a good way to improve your writing skills too. Read as many good quality writers and books on diverse topics as you can. This will broaden your worldview and familiarize you with different writing styles. Such observations can help you identify and hone your own writing technique.

Write crisp and clear:

Avoid unnecessary words or tendency to tell stories when doing a professional task such as report writing. Make sure that every word and sentence you write is easily understandable to the reader. The length of a write up should always be optimal and any write up that drags on is going to make people lose interest.

Whether it is descriptive writing or formal report writing, the task can appear daunting initially. However, once you trust your ability and willingness to improve your writing skills, all you would need to do is to grab a pen and a notebook (or your computer) and start writing!