Internship At Decathlon

I continually believed that if you do what you love, you’ll in no way should work an afternoon for your existence! I’ve usually been enthusiastic about sports activities and fitness, so I knew from the start that I desired to intern in Decathlon. Their tagline, “Sports for all, fascinated with sports activities”, must let you know why I made that selection. With our placement college’s assistance, a few college students from my college applied for an internship in Decathlon. We started getting ready for the selection method in our hostel premises.


Twelve people have been interested in sports activities and have applied for the internship. We have been asked to post our CVs for the CV shortlisting spherical. I had mentioned my participation and the various certificate in sports during school time and graduation. On the idea of our CVs, eight people were shortlisted. The subsequent spherical became a telephonic interview with the CR supervisor. I was asked to introduce myself, followed by questions about my preferred sport and my lecturers. After some days, he called and asked me to attend the DRD – Decathlon Recruitment Drive. In DRD, I was requested to be in front of the store at 6:30 in the morning to participate in the interview.

First, there was a bodily fitness spherical, in which I was asked to run for a particular time to check my stamina. It was accompanied using a ‘beep’ test, a 20m multistage health test. Next, there was a spherical sport in which the participants were divided into groups and given a Frisbee. In that recreation, my team turned into the winner. However, they judge us based on our conversation with the crew contributors, vitality, and obligation. I can let you know that all of us who haven’t long passed via the sports round of this method have overlooked an enjoyment of a lifetime! As disturbing as it gets, sports activities spherically are a real test of a person.

After this, three of the individuals were eliminated. Next was the income round, wherein we had to select a Decathlon product and convince the regulators to shop for it. I chose a cricket bat as my product, and they asked many questions, much like customers, for instance – a bat which can be often played with tough in addition to the tender ball, why some of the bats had a curve at the bottom, etc. I knew there had been, in particular, three types of cricket bats: English willow, Kashmir willow, and combined willow bats. For playing regular tough ball cricket, English willow bats are ideal. I controlled to convince them by explaining the specifications of English willow bats and their particular quotes. Even though I had touchy product information, I somehow convinced them to buy it. It was an incredible experience!

I cleared that spherical, and it was time for the final panel interview. There were five interviewers, and it started with a few questions from my resume, followed by my strengths and weaknesses. After that, the mode of the interview changed. Then I got here a tough situation-based question. They asked if they have a set of traders interested in investing in a brand new save in Gujarat and what elements I might not forget to convince them of as the shop manager. I took a minute, the idea of a few thoughts, and replied that it might depend upon several factors, just like the hobby of the precise kingdom closer to sports, several stadiums and sports activities councils within the state, authorities assist, well-known sportspersons from the country, no. Of competition, and so forth. They were quite satisfied with how I replied to that question. Thus, I was confirmed that I was hired! My joy knew bounds! Not to forget, the whole interview is performed in sports apparel. I walked into the interview room sporting a sports tee and shorts and came out bagging a summertime internship offer! Pretty cool, proper!

I joined the Decathlon Vyttila store at Ernakulam. From the primary sight, I may want to inform you that it becomes different from any other workplace. Employees were coming in sports activities attire, losing by way of shaking hands with each other and greeting them with a warm smile. I soon figured that it was a part of the first-rate work way of life and terrific employee bonding at Decathlon. I met my mentor, Renjith (Operations head), who briefed me about its values. Being a sports enthusiast, I became deeply convinced using Decathlon’s vision to make sports activities handy to all. It didn’t take me long to combo into the wearing subculture of the area.

I made new pals and attempted new sports each time I should! But make no mistake; Decathlon was now not all about playing around and having amusement. I was soon assigned to the Domyos department, the in-house health brand of the organization. I turned into expected to control the emblem sales for the following two months while running on my assigned summer season internship challenge. In that manner, I labored for straight nine-hour long shifts wherein one wasn’t anticipated to sit down even as soon as, besides the lunch ruin!