Lennart Johansson scholarships raise UEFA education pressure

Scholarships bearing the name of former UEFA President Lennart Johansson are growing the skills of humans to play a leadership function in football in the future.

The Lennart Johansson Scholarships for Football Leaders are named after the famend Swedish football leader and administrator, who led European football’s governing body from 1990 to 2007 before becoming UEFA honorary President.

Scholarships are available to contributors in two UEFA training programs: The Executive Master in Sport Governance (MESGO) and the UEFA Executive Master for International Players (MIP).

education pressure

MESGO is a one-of-a-kind program for sports activities area experts wishing to reinforce their strategic questioning in the evolving international of world sports governance; at the same time as the MIP is a tailored program aiming to present former gamers the gear to lay the foundations for successful soccer management and management careers when they hold up their boots.

Eleven members within the 5th version of MESGO – from UEFA member institutions, soccer golf equipment, and European establishments – support their studies with Lennart Johansson scholarships. They might be attending this month’s 2nd session of the fifth edition in western Switzerland. Studies at the consultation will increase awareness of the governance of sports companies.

UEFA’s instructional programs are designed to foster players’ private improvement by equipping them with information and equipment that will, for a long time, help the sustainable progress of European soccer.

The Lennart Johansson scholarships also purpose to broaden the range of those who participate in UEFA’s schooling programs – mainly in phrases of gender, origin, cultural background, and place of knowledge – and sell democratic values.

The scholarships’ management board incorporates one representative from the Lennart Johansson Foundation and Centre de Droit et d’Economie du Sport (CDES) – the lead instructional companion turning in both the MESGO and MIP programs – and three representatives of UEFA or UEFA member associations.

Lennart Johansson is the board’s honorary president, and UEFA handles each board’s administration and scholarships. An annual budget covers the board’s running costs and the scholarships themselves,

To apply for a scholarship, candidates must have completed an area at the MESGO or MIP programs and fulfill the admission standards. MESGO candidates must, among others, have a minimum of five years’ revel in a relevant field and at the managerial stage.

Only applicants from sports activities organizations related to soccer – countrywide institutions, clubs, leagues, players’ unions, or other UEFA stakeholders – can practice for scholarships. However, scholarships can be presented to candidates concerned in any other organization if the candidature has a selected relevance to the program.

MIP scholarship candidates have to include on their CV a profession in soccer as a participant, coach, or referee at a worldwide stage, in addition to as a minimum one selection within the senior countrywide team or several seasons as a player for a European pinnacle-division club with at least one appearance in a UEFA senior membership competition.

The MIP hopefuls can also be the principal educator of a senior countrywide team or have spent several seasons as a teacher for a European top-division club with at least one game in a UEFA old club opposition. Referees are not neglected. Any referee with at least one sport as a referee in a UEFA senior membership or countrywide group competition beneath their belt can follow for a MIP location.

The board examines and decides all scholarship packages from MESGO applicants, considering criteria such as the candidate’s capacity to play a leadership position in the future and the candidate’s location inside an agency. For MIP candidates, their present-day expert hobby and their profile are key application factors.

The scholarship’s introduction honors Lennart Johansson’s lasting contribution to improving European soccer and advertising accurate governance in football businesses.

The former UEFA President, now 89, changed into European football’s helm at a time of a large normal improvement of the sport, along with the launch of the UEFA Champions League and UEFA’s evolution into a modern-day commercial enterprise business enterprise is proud that the scholarships undergo his name.

“The release of the Lennart Johansson scholarships offers me tremendous pleasure,” he stated. “Education and help to soccer leaders are of the maximum importance for the future of football.”