Odisha government to introduce uniform syllabus for UG guides

The Odisha authorities will introduce a uniform syllabus for undergraduate courses in all universities from the 2019-2020 educational consultation, a minister stated on Thursday.

Higher Education Minister Arun Kumar Sahu informed that a common syllabus could be introduced throughout universities from the following educational session. The minister held a meeting with vice-chancellors of all country-run varsities here on Thursday.

No different syllabus from now: Odisha Government

“As of now, one of a kind syllabus is observed with the aid of one-of-a-kind universities. But we have determined to introduce a uniform syllabus and maintain examinations inside a time-body, so as to assist students in future whilst pursuing similarly higher studies,” said Sahu.

The minister also asked the vice-chancellors to fill up vacant coaching posts in their respective universities and schools affiliated below them as quickly as possible.

86 college students have carried out up to now

The meeting also decided to extend economic aid and unfastened coaching to a hundred applicants preparing for civil provider examinations.

“So ways, 86 college students have applied for the equal and each of them could be provided with free training at the side of important financial assistance,” the minister said.

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