Piedmont Tech to feature new certificates packages

Piedmont Technical College’s governing board voted to approve new certificates and take away one at Tuesday night’s month-to-month meeting.

The certificate authorized has been for advanced welding and heating, airflow, and air-con (HVAC) systems.

Area Commissioner George Cone Jr. Said the advanced welding certificate might help Piedmont Tech’s students discover an activity after leaving college.

new certificates packages

Many college students enrolled in an accomplice degree in welding, he said, took the welding courses; however, they no longer preferred schooling publications like English or math that were required for the finishing touch of the degree. Although they would have the abilties to paint as a welder, they wouldn’t have the degree to expose ability employers, which regularly hampered their capacity to discover an activity.

“At some point in time, this could sort of vanish on its own,” he stated of the companion diploma.

The HVAC certificate is another way of getting people into the personnel as quickly as viable, said Jack Bagwell, director of educational affairs.

“We added to you an (HVACR) installer certificates ultimate yr,” he told the Area Commission. “This is one step even below that (to) assist humans in getting into the group of workers earlier, but it also (offers) college students who’re in dual enrollment surroundings the capacity to complete a college certificate at the same time as they’re nonetheless in high school.”

Meanwhile, the automated numerical management certificate, which the Area Commission voted to terminate, had “run its direction,” Bagwell.

Students inside the program had been now not eligible for federal investment, at the same time as those in a comparable application at Piedmont Tech are. Updating the latter to include records taught in the former would be simpler, Bagwell said, than tweaking the CNC certificate to make it eligible for those federal budget. In other business, Piedmont Tech is operating with longtime associate South Carolina State University to establish an articulation agreement, wherein college students from the former may want to seamlessly switch into the latter’s new mechatronics engineering bachelor degree software, which they would entirely in Greenwood.

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