Polk State EMS graduates first class from paramedic partnership

Polk State College celebrated the first graduating class on June 6 from the Emergency Medical Services (EMS) Program’s partnership with Polk County Fire Rescue (PCFR) to fill the neighborhood team of workers wants for paramedics.

The 13 graduates will experience instant employment with PCFR, organized to effectively serve the community as rather skilled specialists with a passion for assisting Polk County residents.

Polk State EMS graduates

“I affectionally name this organization the Integrity thirteen. I’ve watched their aspirations to emerge as public protection experts change into success through hard paintings and perseverance,” PCFR Interim Chief Robert Weech stated. “Polk State’s team has prepared them to carry out at a high degree, and their diligent training will advantage Polk County Fire Rescue and the Polk County network.”

Polk State EMS fast answered PCFR’s need for paramedics via launching an improved software in September 2018 that condenses the standard 12-month paramedic program into eight and a 1/2 months without sacrificing high-quality.

“You have to feel proud – that is a rigorous program that challenged you every step of the way,” Polk State EMS Director Don Guillette shared with the graduates.

Because Polk State is accepted via the Committee on Accreditation of Education Programs for the Emergency Medical Services Professions (CoAEMSP), this system does not regulate curriculum or academic time. Instead, college students complete the important publications and substances over a shorter duration, still finishing more than 1,000 curriculum hours in keeping with national requirements and internships and subject training.

“We have received so many precious training, abilities, and reports,” valedictorian Susan Reed stated. “Eight months in the past, we started this daunting undertaking that seemed impossible at times. We cried, and we laughed collectively…, but we did it, and I can’t wait to paintings with you all in the area.”

Students inside the software get hold of their education and education without charge to them, thanks to a scholarship and $1 six hundred a month stipend furnished to every student using PCFR. In return, the students sign a 5-12 months non-stop employment settlement with the branch.

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