Tonight’s meal? Take pot good fortune

Product dressmaker Kai Wang is off to work with a primary international tech enterprise after hitting the jackpot with his clever kitchen gadget to turn leftovers into tasty sparkling food.

POTLUCK, which makes inventory cubes from meal scraps, receives its call from the Elizabethan word for food conjured up an ultimate minute to feed unexpected guests.

good fortune

Made to squash meals waste and shop cash literally, the dish blends cooking with garage – a Gen Z twist on 16th Century thrift.

And it has potted Brunel University London MSc pupil Kai the placement of a prized painting with top tech firm NCR Corporation within the RSA Student Design Awards.

“I am very excited to start work and to get a flavor of layout in the expert setting,” said Kai, 22, from Bath. “I’m looking forward to exploring consumer-focused design-intensive and widening my expertise in graphical and UX design gear and strategies.”

Family values and horror of waste stimulated the product after Kai was hit because 71% of UK meal waste occurs in the home. That equates to each family throwing away £810 worth of food a yr.

“Growing up, my circle of relatives has lived with the aid of the ‘waste now not, need no longer’ ethos,” he said. “And that statistic highlighted that, just as customers are the primary purpose of food waste, we, the consumers, also have the best energy to lessen food waste.”

How it works

– Blend or cube veg or meat meal leftovers or out-of-date meals

– Spoon the mixture into the bottom

– Add water and seasoning

– Blast it all at the hob until the contents boil down.

– Cover with lid and fall apart the pot down to store inside the refrigerator or freezer.

“Kai’s Potluck is an especially modern solution towards resolving the urgent societal problem of food waste,” said Dr. Vanja Garaj, Head of Brunel Design. “It’s a testimony to Brunel Design’s academic approach, which places a social obligation on the top of the schedule.”

Soon Kai will begin his paid 12-week paid internship at NCR’s Dundee Research and Development Centre. The international design giant is behind the software program and hardware that drives normal eating, retail, and banking transactions.

“One of the team’s skilled participants could be assigned as his mentor, and Kai will shadow the mentor on different projects and experience stay R&D program approaches,” said NCR Corporation Senior Director, User-Centred Design Charlie Rohan.

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