UNESCO to support free education in Sierra Leone

A high-stage delegation from the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisation, UNESCO, led by it’s Regional Director, Ydo Yao, has met with His Excellency President Julius Maada Bio at State House to pledge their support to Government’s Free Quality Education Programme.

education in Sierra Leone

UNESCO is a UN frame that seeks to construct peace via international cooperation in Education, Science, and Culture. It develops instructional gear to help people live as worldwide residents, free of hate and intolerance. The UN frame also works so that every baby and citizen has the right to entry to the best education.

In his presentation, the Regional Director stated his organization became dedicated to supporting all efforts undertaken by using the government to make education a concern. He said because of the UN Agency’s main training inside the world; they were responding to a name to assist the government in its set goals to improve training inside us.

He said UNESCO became also dedicated to supporting human capital development by mobilizing assets to help improve technical and vocational schooling and enhance the literacy fee within the usa. He stated that based totally on Revel in they had a superb technique using new technology to sell training to you. S.

Head of the Secretariat of the International Task Force on Teachers, Edem Adubra, said enhancing the great of teachers became essential to training. He stated inside the UN Sustainable Development Goals, instructors have been considered as means of implementation for all of the other desires, noting that improving the exceptional of life for teachers turned into no longer only about enhancing the quality of education. Instead, it turned into approximately improving the excellent improvement in well-known.

On his component, President Bio stated he became, without a doubt, thankful to welcome the delegation from UNESCO as companions in improvement. He said that Sierra Leone preferred the fee of education, including that the united states changed as soon as Athens of West Africa. He stated that through the years, the extent of education in the usa had long gone down but that there was the want to aspire once more to that function now, not simplest to serve Sierra Leone but also to be a middle that might affect the sub-vicinity and continent.

“We, in reality, consider and feature ardor for education, and it is a way to improvement, which we all aspire to. If we should be part of the twenty-first century, we should take schooling critically. We have introduced quality to the education we need to offer. We want to provide the best and most functional instruction to make our children aggressive in the international market.

“I admire UNESCO as an employer that promotes schooling, and because we are talking approximately high-quality, teachers are on the coronary heart of it and are the most vital. We will respect whatever guide you can supply to help augment our efforts to enhance the quantity and first-rate instructors,” he stated.