Vatterott Educational Centers to Close

A Missouri-primarily based for-earnings college chain announced it became shutting down as it confronted developing financial issues.

Vatterott Educational Centers is the second national chain to shut this month after Education Corporation of America introduced it’d near its campuses. Like Education Corporation of America, Vatterott mentioned restrictions on its access to federal scholar aid, called heightened coins tracking, like a closure.

Vatterott Educational Centers

The chain has been beneath the control of a court-appointed receiver for months and had sought out shoppers before the closure, consisting of ECA. It seemed like a deal for sale turned into in vicinity in January. Still, it eventually fell thru the way to issues raised with the aid of accreditors related to ECA faculties.

Vatterott operated 15 campuses imparting applications in typically professional education programs. The Accrediting Commission of Career Schools and Colleges, which authorized Vatterott Colleges, stated it had plans in location for students to both complete their applications or transfer credits someplace else.

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