Whitfield county schools jobs in the largest districts in Georgia

Whitfield County schools are located throughout the area. Because they are not as crowded or recognized as counties to the east and west, many people ignore them altogether. The fact is that there are unique attractions to this small county in Georgia, including quaint shopping districts, comfortable housing options, and some world-class whitewater rafting destinations. Our country setting is also home to recreational activities, including hunting, fishing, and golfing. In addition to our natural beauty, Richland County offers something for everyone. There are many arts and culture options, from the Savannah College of Art and Design to one of the nation’s top-performing arts schools, Oglethorpe University.

Introduction to Whitfield County Schools

The Whitfield County School District is located in northwest Georgia and serves the cities of Dalton and Tunnel Hill. The district has more than 11,000 students and employs more than 1,000 people. The community comprises three elementary schools, two middle schools, and one high school. All schools are part of the TAPPS 5A classification except for Shepherdson Intermediate, which is part of TAPPS 6A. It is also one of the largest school districts in Texas, with about 11,000 students and 2,900 staff members. The district’s athletic teams are known as the Wildcats and Lady Wildcats. The high school’s mascot is “Jack”. The middle school has no official mascot, but the middle school colors are yellow and blue.

Whitfield County Schools

Benefits of Working for Whitfield County Schools

The benefits of working for Whitfield County Schools are plentiful. Employees enjoy a generous benefits package that includes health insurance, dental insurance, and a retirement plan. In addition, employees receive paid vacation days, sick days, and personal days. The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that in May 2019, the average annual salary for a personal shopper was $32,940. The median salary was $27,550. The U.S. Census Bureau said 2015 the median yearly wage for all occupations was $44,230. The median annual wage for social workers was $47,850 in 2015.

Whitfield County Schools Covid Cases

Whitfield County Schools has reported three cases of Covid-19. The first case was a student recently traveling to a country with many Covid-19 cases. The second case was a teacher who had contact with the student. The third case was a student who contacted the student and teacher. The virus is transmitted by contact with bodily fluids, air, or contaminated surfaces. It can cause fever, cough, runny nose, muscle aches, headaches, vomiting, diarrhea, rash, joint pain, and confusion.

Whitfield County Schools Staff

Whitfield County Schools Staff is a dedicated group of professionals who work hard to provide a quality education for the students of Whitfield County. A diverse group of professionals with many years of experience and expertise, these teachers and staff members are dedicated to providing the best education possible for each student. To recognize the achievements of our staff members and their dedication to the students and parents of Whitfield County Schools, we have created a monthly blog series called “Staff Spotlight”.

Types of Jobs Available in Whitfield County Schools

There are many types of jobs available in Whitfield County Schools. Positions include teachers, administrators, support staff, and bus drivers. Teachers are responsible for instructing students in a variety of subjects. Administrators manage the school district and oversee the various schools. Support staff provides essential services to the school district, such as food service and janitorial work.

Things you should keep in your Mind

Whitfield County Schools Calendar

Whitfield County Schools Calendar is an online calendar system that provides parents, students, and staff with up-to-date information on school events. You can access your child’s classroom calendar to find upcoming activities and view daily/weekly assignments. The Family Connect Community Portal is a web-based platform that connects families and teachers in different school buildings. Families can sign in to update the latest student information and events. Teachers can also post announcements, grades, attendance, and more.

Whitfield County Schools Announcements

Whitfield County Schools have announced their latest set of announcements. These announcements include changes to the school calendar, new policies, and updates on current programs. Click on the link below to review all of this information. The Welcoming Schools Committee is hosting our annual Welcoming Schools Board Meeting on Thursday, October 17, at 9:30 am in the Stadium Club Room of the Woodruff Arts Center. This year’s theme is “Celebrating Diversity Through Educational Innovation.” We encourage families to attend!

Whitfield County Schools Lunch Menu

The Whitfield County Schools Lunch Menu offers a variety of healthy and delicious options for students. The menu includes fresh fruits and vegetables, sandwiches, and salads. It also features whole-grain options, low-fat dairy items, and no added sugars. In addition to the daily menu, students can make healthy food choices outside of the lunchroom in many different ways. This way, students can continue to build healthy eating habits throughout the day. All students can access a USDA Dietary Guidance counseling service during non-enrollment days. This includes M-F between 8:00 am and 4:00 pm.

Human Resources for Whitfield County Schools

Human Resources for Whitfield County Schools is responsible for managing the hiring process for new employees, handling payroll and benefits, and overseeing employee records. Social Work for Whitfield County Schools provides support services to the district. It is also responsible for coordinating students, families, and staff members with local schools, agencies, and community-based organizations. Stacey White is the Chief Operations Officer for Whitfield County Schools. She oversees all aspects of Facilities and Operations, including the maintenance of 60 buildings that house educational classrooms, an athletic complex, the Fine Arts Center, five libraries, the auditorium, and more.


Whitfield County Schools system is great for sending your children to school. The schools are well-funded and have an excellent curriculum. The teachers are highly qualified, and the schools are very safe.