Assam instructors protest towards the education minister’s ‘driving license’ remark

Irked using the latest observation using Assam’s Education Minister Siddhartha Bhattacharya, instructors in the kingdom are protesting using prefixing their names with ‘driver’ on their social media handles, taking a page out of the books of BJP leaders and supporters who prefixed theirs with ‘chowkidar’ even as campaigning inside the recently concluded Lok Sabha elections.

Assam instructors protest towards

On June 13, while taking a live question from a teacher in Barpeta on All India Radio, Bhattacharya stated that the one teacher who had gotten their coaching certificate over five years ago wanted to have their files renewed, similar to driving licenses. For this, they’ll sit down for the Teacher’s Eligibility Test (TET) once more.

The first general TET exam changed into held in Assam in 2012. Those who’ve certified this examination are eligible to are looking for employment at government-subsidized primary faculties within the nation.

In 2012, over 52,000 humans had passed the examination, of which around 26,000 were granted employment in a phased manner, as per a Times of India document. The last exam was held in Assam in 2014, with over ninety 000 candidates clearing their examinations.

However, a TET certificate lapses every seven years, warranting those who haven’t obtained a job in that period to take a seat for the exam again. As a result, around 40,000 instructors, who have been running on a contractual basis, are left in the lurch because the government hasn’t regularized their jobs.

The vexed teachers have given their social media mobilization the shape of a state-huge protest, demanding Chief Minister Sarbananda Sonowal to regularise the jobs of TET-qualified teachers operating on a contractual foundation for Sarva Shiksha Abhiyaan.

Teachers note that it has become the authorities at fault right here that have not regularised them no matter the vacant posts.

Mirajul Rasid, preferred secretary of an organization that represents TET-qualified teachers, said, according to a record via The Indian Express, “This is not out of disrespect for drivers in any manner. But the comparison makes no feel. Do we need to take a seat for a using take a look at the DTO every time we renew our driving licenses?”Our social media marketing campaign is not derogatory; however, in reality, a mark of admire to drivers — we instructors are drivers of faculties, of instructing youngsters, much like Sarbananda Sonowal is the driving force of Assam,” Rasid brought Handmaidens of social stability and development.

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