Despite its guidelines, BSP offers pinnacle jobs to Mayawati’s family

The BSP also announced Sunday that its Amroha MP Danish Ali was appointed leader of the BSP in Lok Sabha and named Nagina MP Girish Chandra the birthday party whip. Earlier, Ali became named leader whip and Chandra the birthday party leader inside the LS.

 Mayawati’s family

Twelve months after pronouncing amendments to her birthday celebration’s charter that no relative of the countrywide president might maintain party positions, BSP leader Mayawati Sunday appointed her brother Anand Kumar because of the birthday party’s national vice-president and his son Akash Anand as its national coordinator.

The choice was taken at an all-India meeting of BSP leaders in Lucknow that protected most birthday celebration office bearers, participants, legislators, and MPs. Anand changed into appointed BSP vice-president after the 2017 meeting elections in Uttar Pradesh; however, in May 2019, Mayawati introduced that her brother had resigned from the publishing to counter allegations of nepotism.

The BSP additionally announced Sunday that Amroha MP Danish Ali became appointed leader of the BSP in Lok Sabha and named Nagina MP Girish Chandra the birthday celebration whip. Earlier, Ali became named leader whip, and Chandra was the celebration chief in the LS.

When Chandra, a Dalit, was made the birthday party’s chief in Parliament, it became after almost 15 years that the BSP had chosen a Dalit MP as floor chief inside the House. Confirming the improvement, a party leader stated that the change’s objective changed to offer an illustration to minorities.

The BSP additionally directed Ali and Rajya Sabha member Satish Chandra Misra to tour all Scheduled Castes-reserved assembly segments throughout UP after the Parliament session and keep mass touch programs. In an announcement, Mayawati stated that the BSP meet became organized following the BJP’s “suspicious” win in Lok Sabha elections to discuss the countrywide subject of “hijacking democracy and people’s mandate via EVMs.”

After the all-India meeting, separate conferences have been organized for states, particularly Haryana and Maharashtra, where polls are scheduled later this 12 months.

At the BSP countrywide conference in Lucknow on May 26, closing 12 months, Mayawati had stated: “… after the Uttar Pradesh meeting elections (2017), on special request of the birthday party, I gave my younger brother Anand Kumar (who become made BSP vice-president) a position within the office to appearance after paperwork. Unfortunately, the media then began raising questions of nepotism in BSP, similar to the Congress and different parties.”

Mayawati had also stated that no close family member of the birthday party chief, which includes her, would ever preserve any post of any degree in the organization even after the birthday party leader’s loss of life. She had stated that the family member could assist as a common worker for the birthday party with selflessness.

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