How My Internship At IIM Bangalore Turned My Career Around

After the final semester exams were given over, I became in a dilemma. I wasn’t certain if I wanted to make a ‘realistic’ decision by taking on the roles I had or allowing them to pass and pursue my hobbies. I became obsessed with advertising but didn’t have any revel in it. After a great deal of deliberation, I finally decided to comply with my passion and didn’t join any activity. I wanted to broaden a controlling attitude to construct my profile and get the much-wished revel in. So I spent two months searching for internships by networking and asking every person I knew in my circle, but to no avail. I had misplaced desire and almost conceded to enroll in the activity handy when I overheard my pals talking approximately Internshala. Frankly, I didn’t accept that I would get an internship via applying online instead of networking; however, I changed into determined and so determined to provide it a strive. I made an account and turned overwhelmed using the myriad to be had alternatives. To top it off, there was an internship commencing for an advertising intern at IIM Bangalore – one of the maximum coveted management schools in India! I right now carried out and became asked to write essays on why I wanted this internship and why I chose IIM Bangalore. I turned into apprehensive, as extra than 80 humans had applied for the same while the requirement becomes only for one or!

IIM Bangalore Turned

After approximately ten days, I turned shortlisted and informed to be prepared for the second degree of the choice method – a Skype interview. The interview became brief, lasting approximately 20 mins. The questions especially treated my undergraduate route, why I chose to be an engineer, what becomes my motivation in the back of the shift to control, my interests and pastimes, and lastly, why I wanted an internship no matter having jobs at hand. The interview turned into an amazing enjoy after which all my doubts approximately whether I changed into making the right selection vanished. My hopes were constructing; I got the call for a final face-to-face interview at IIM Bangalore.

The interview was taken through the Chief Marketing & Development Officer and the Head of Programs at IIMB, and it lasted for an hour. In the beginning, I become requested simple questions – to introduce myself and share my educational info, extracurricular activities, and awards obtained. I replied quite simply, emphasizing extracurricular activities, which include debates, theatre (mime) participation, and representing my college at state degree galas. I additionally spoke about approximately organizing occasions and conferences at my college. Following this, they dug deeper, asking approximately why I changed into inquisitive about marketing. After this internship, I noticed and how this internship could add the fee to my career. I told them about my plans for pursuing an MBA in India/abroad and how this internship could be surely beneficial in realizing that. Then I become grilled for my selection of leaving the roles for pursuing an interest. As I changed into a fresher, I desired to be equipped with realistic knowledge and enjoy the subject of my hobby before coming into the industry. By now, I should feel that they have been convinced through my answers. Lastly, I understand that I struck a common chord with one of the interviewers – love for poetry. I advised him approximately my passion for writing poems, and we spoke approximately this for the rest of the interview.

A couple of weeks later, I was given a mail from Internshala mentioning that I was employed for the marketing internship at IIM Bangalore. My happiness knew no bounds! I began my internship in September’sixteen at IIM Bangalore, and my lifestyles took a grand flop. Every day become a studying revel in, and I was playing it. I was worried about the advertising of lengthy period applications, each postgraduate and doctoral, at IIM Bangalore. I labored with my team in organizing facts sessions and open houses for numerous programs. I prepared sessions for diverse groups and advertised the flagship weekend MBA software at IIM Bangalore. I additionally worked for the position cell of IIMB by way of creating links with the industry and getting new recruiters to campus.

Almost 3 months into paintings, I became assigned the position of a studies assistant for two. Five months underneath the guidance of an advertising professor of IIM-B. It changed into a project on designing and conceptualizing educational applications well-matched with marketplace needs. It was a without a doubt enriching revel in! In a manner, this internship has been a solid basis for my profession. The knowledge and mentoring I acquired are exceptional. I know the solid links might be a helpful gadget in all my endeavors. Now, I’m certain that I will paintings inside the marketing domain simplest and pursue an MBA within the near future.