Hundreds of heaps of employees face losing their jobs

HUNDREDS of hundreds of blue-collar employees face the scrap heap in ten years unless politicians cope with the ‘march of the robots’ – a bombshell document claims.

Oxford Economics warns the growing use of AI ought to devastate production in regions inclusive of Cumbria by 2030 and deepen the North-South divide.

 employees face losing their jobs

The think tank warned 20 million manufacturing jobs might want to move worldwide.

A separate study warns the developing use of AI in the place of work will “embed inequality” because it replaces ladies and older employees from service roles in the excessive road and hospitality sectors.

The Commission on Workers and Technology – chaired by Labour’s Yvette Cooper – urges MPs, commercial enterprise leaders, and exchange union bosses to “prepare” Britain for the big trade.

She said almost 80 in step with cent of employees already felt generation turned impacting their present-day role. And the Commission report warned a few employers had been using technology in an “oppressive” way.
It heard that giants, along with Amazon, use wristbands and different gadgets that track the body of workers – test whether or not they have been scanning an item and even if they have been going to the toilet.

Ms. Cooper said: “New era offers the possibility for a brighter destiny for workers. It can free us from traumatic physical tasks and take over repetitive admin obligations.

“But there’s an urgent want for politicians, alternate unions, and business leaders to behave now to ensure technological alternate advantages, anyone, in the place of widening current inequalities.”

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