IRobot acquires education startup Root Robotics

In a bid to extend its instructional services, iRobot has received neighborhood Massachusetts-primarily based startup, Root Robotics. The employer is the creator of the eponymous coding robot, a -wheeled device designed to draw on whiteboards and other surfaces, scanning colors, gambling tune, and in any other case gambling out coding instructions.

We had the organization at our CES level the last yr, and it is controlled to face out amongst a sea of tutorial ‘bots on the event. IRobot sees lots of price within the Wyss Institute at Harvard University spin-off and will immediately integrate the startup’s providing into its portfolio.

Root Robotics

“The acquisition of Root Robotics permits iRobot to develop the impact of its STEM efforts with a commercially available, academic robot platform already being utilized by educators, college students and dad, and mom,” iRobot CEO Colin Angle stated in a press release. “Root also enables boom the attain of iRobot’s academic robotic line using imparting a demonstrated device for human beings of all ages, inclusive of students in standard college.”

iRobot’s no stranger to STEM schooling. The enterprise has lengthy offered the Create robotic — a hackable version of its popular Roomba platform — for faculties. The addition of Root creates a much extra available region for college kids to begin, in conjunction with a clever recruiting approach for destiny iRobot roboticists and engineers.

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