Kumaraguru College of Liberal Arts

New Delhi: Kumaraguru College of Liberal Arts & Science (KLAS) welcomed the students and dads, and moms of Batch 2019 on June 18, 2019, into the Kumaraguru community! Swagatham is an initiation rite for the more energizing college students of KCLAS of the batch 2019 – 2022. They’re welcome to be taught, mentored, and guided for the next three years to become the individuals they want to be with full effectiveness. Throughout the day, the scholars and parents were directed towards understanding the university, its opportunities, and opportunities and apprehend the surroundings in which they may engage. KLAS gives eight undergraduate programs, which might be particular, and Master of Social Work.

In the Inaugural session, Dr. Vijila Kennedy, Principal, KCLAS, welcomed the mother and father and college students and shared approximately the vision and values of KLAS. Dr. B.K. Krishnaraj Vanavarayar, Chairman of Kumaraguru Institutions, highlighted the significance of liberal arts training and how it prepares a pupil’s lifestyle in his presidential address. Liberal arts training is all about unfastened thinking, creativity, and innovation, and that is the order of the day, underlined the Chairman. In CLAS, young minds are molded and persuaded to assume in another way and act courageously. This is wherein liberal wondering builds, management builds, and amazing world builds he delivered. Shri. In his message to the freshers, hankar Vanavarayar, Joint Correspondent, Kumaraguru Institutions, advocated that the scholars aspire, gain, and impact the community.

Kumaraguru College

Swagatham, the Inaugural function is followed by a seven days orientation program called KCLAS Transition and Guidance (KCLAS TAG19). This particular program may enable a more energizing transition into university existence and KCLAS culture. Each day of the KCLAS TAG has special subject matters for you to mold college students to understand themselves, the university education, KCLAS life, and their engagement with the community and surroundings. Many inspirational talks, arms-on workshops, discussions, and sports are deliberate for the KCLAS TAG19. It will introduce them to the course and what’s predicted, familiarize them with the importance of human beings, and help them begin connecting with other students. The seven-day program may utilize the senior students, encouraging peer mastering and guidance. KCLASTAG 19 will successfully bridge the space between faculty and university existence and guide the new students via their selected course toward turning into the ‘Leaders of Tomorrow.’

To offer entire education help to aspirational college students from hard socio-economic popularity and equip them to engage in meaningful professions and contribute to their well-being, KLAS 2018 initiated the Scholarship for Equal Education and Development (SEED). This initiative has helped over ten college students in each batch; this year, 14 students are aided.

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