Learning approximately my historical past even as pursuing my American MS Degree in Croatia

Jure Ljubičić started his professional work in the software sales area. When the organization he works for asked him to relocate to Europe, they allowed him to pick out which metropolis he would love to call his next domestic. He determined that Zagreb, Croatia changed into an appropriate location for him.

Learning approximately

Being a lively member of the Croatian diaspora network in San Jose, California, the selection to pick out Zagreb as his next domestic derived from growing up close to his Croatian roots. Jure desired to retain his education and become glad to see that RIT Croatia offered a US graduate application, Master of Science Service Leadership and Innovation. Having a heritage in a generation, this program lets him decorate his know-how base in his discipline of expertise at the same time as expanding it in a spread of different fields: “For my capstone venture, I am carrying out the research to align with my goals for my expert development, so I am excited to peer what I find over the path of this system.”

What are some matters which you leave out approximately being so far, far away from domestic?

Leaving all your pals and circle of relatives and transferring midway the world over is in no way smooth. It is difficult to start over; however, it additionally brings new opportunities. In California, a famous burger chain called In-N-Out Burger is something I omit from home, even though Zagreb has some right options for burgers. The winters in California are excellent and mild; however, they can be cold and cruel in Zagreb.

What are a few things that you experience to do in Croatia in the course of your loose time?

The espresso and cafes in Croatia are difficult to overcome. It is constantly satisfactory to satisfy up with a collection of buddies and socialize over a cup of espresso or beer. Watching soccer in Croatia is amusing, and the ecosystem is electrical, especially after Croatia’s brilliant performance inside the 2018 World Cup. Also, traveling around Europe is terrific because you can get almost anywhere with a few hours of flying compared to a six-hour flight from San Francisco to New York.

Any recommendation for other Diaspora fellow human beings considering moving to Croatia?

My advice is strong advice for humans inside the diaspora to strive it out if possible. It is a terrific location to find out about your lifestyle and a perfect location to study.

How would you describe the MS application in Service Leadership and Innovation at RIT Croatia as well as the lecture room ecosystem?

The program is exquisite and based totally on the American education device, which helps college students be better prepared for employment. We are getting to know approximately leadership, innovation and what innovative companies inclusive of Airbnb, Uber have finished being successful. It is a large cohort. There are approximately 20 college students in the program, and everyone has stories from exceptional fields/professions. This makes it exquisite because you could examine from what they’ve seen of their area and they can study from you. Peer to peer gaining knowledge is a key advantage to the route further to the publications.

Would you recommend this application to others? If so – why?

I exceedingly endorse this system. It Is an extraordinary way to get worldwide revel in, find out about the cultures and customs of business in Croatia.

About RIT’s Master of Science Service Leadership and Innovation Program
RIT Croatia offers you the opportunity to earn a Master of Science degree in Service Leadership and Innovation in Zagreb from a U.S. University, Rochester Institute of Technology. The curriculum and the examination plan are aligned with the standards of education at RIT. Classes are in English and combine online and in-lecture room classes. The application is added by using professors from RIT’s Saunders College of Business in Rochester, New York, USA. The program is designed for a huge array of professionals to collect superior understanding and abilties in leadership.