McQueens Dairies growth to create 100 jobs

A Scottish dairy is to create up to 100 jobs over the following years as a part of a multi-million growth plan.

McQueens Dairies Ltd, based in Glasgow, has bought the former Muller dairy in East Kilbride on the way to permit it to grow its doorstep deliveries.

The new facility, over 6.5 acres, is expected to open in Spring 2020.

McQueens Dairies growth

The family business, founded in 1995, operates eight distribution depots in Scotland and the north of England and a dairy in Glasgow.

It employs four hundred workforce members, with the couple’s five children retaining senior positions inside the commercial enterprise. It opened its trendy depot in Galashiels in May 2019.
‘Demand for doorstep delivery.’

Chairman Mick McQueen said: “We’re an ambitious commercial enterprise that grants milk directly to customers’ doors and want to construct at the success we’ve achieved up to now.

“In the ultimate yr, we grew turnover by 30%, and we assume that increase to be repeated this yr, so the new dairy in East Kilbride, bigger than our current dairy, gives us an actual platform to preserve that momentum. We’re additionally very enthusiastic about developing many new jobs as a result.

“Our success has been by focusing on the call for doorstep delivery in Scotland and the north of England.

“We recognize that many people buy milk from supermarkets, but our business is ready to turn in milk direct to the patron, be that doorsteps or businesses. There is real growth inside the call for doorstep transport, and we are perfectly located to reply.”

Mr. McQueen said the firm’s contemporary dairy and distribution center in the north of Glasgow had reached capacity.

With the growth approach, the enterprise can even want greater supplies from farmers.

“We can be the usage of the dairy in a different way to the way it becomes used earlier than, which turned into predominantly to provide flavored milk and potted cream,” Mr. McQueen said.

“We’ll be targeted on processing liquid milk, alongside orange and apple juices, so a massive part of our funding will be in a cutting-edge dairy generation along with a new refrigeration plant, pasteurizing device, and a filler line that includes glass bottles which can be having a resurgence with our clients.

“We are also thrilled that any other positive result from our enlargement is that we can process extra milk. Our delivery relationship with First Milk will see them delivering extra raw milk to us immediately from farmers, which is good information for each person.”

McQueens Dairies Ltd has over a hundred,000 milk shipping customers throughout Scotland and within the north of England – served to utilize distribution depots in Glasgow, Edinburgh, Kirkcaldy, Galashiels, Mansfield, Huddersfield, Warrington, and Preston.

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