The top 10 maximum-paying jobs in tech

CHIEF INFORMATION OFFICERS (CIOs) are paid the very best figures among generation roles; INQ’s sister web page Computing lately reported that they’re paid on average £124,000 in keeping with yr.

But there are infinite other roles in IT, from junior gadget administrators proper thru to chief architects. We spoke to Doug Road at Michael Page to find out which of these roles pay the maximum.

The top 10 maximum-paying jobs in tech 1

Generally, there are three bands of earnings stages in London, the Home Counties, and the rest of the UK, in descending order of common earnings ranges.

“Outside that, there are few versions for salaries between, say, Leeds, Birmingham, Manchester, and Bristol. Any primary variations are regularly pushed with the aid of outliers,” said Rode.

10. Project Manager
Project Managers earn a median of £ fifty-five,000 in London, dropping to £ forty-five,000 everywhere else, making it one of the few roles now not to command a premium inside the Home Counties.

Nine. Business Systems Analyst
This position also earns an average of £ fifty-five 000 in London, a median of £43,000 in the Home Counties, dropping to £40,000 in different areas.

8. Senior Project Manager
Senior Project Managers earn £60,000 in London on average, £55,000 within the Home Counties, and £ forty-seven 500 in other areas.

7. Data Engineer
Data Engineers also earn a median of £60,000 in London, but the position sees its common pay drop drastically in other regions, incomes £40,000 in the Home Counties and £37,500 in different areas.

6. Senior .NET Developer
This position commands a mean of £ sixty-two,500 in London, losing to £50,000 in the Home Counties and £45,000 in different areas.

Five. Java Developer
Java Developers earn a mean of £62,500 in London, but the remuneration drops appreciably in different areas, earning £47,500 in the Home Counties and £ forty-three,750 someplace else.

Four. DevOps Engineer
DevOps Engineers can expect £65,000 in London, but some distance much less in other regions – with £ forty-two,500 the common pay in the Home Counties, losing to £40,000 in other regions.

Three. Senior Java Developer
This function commands a median of £70,000 in London, dropping to £57,500 inside the Home Counties and £50,000 elsewhere.

2. Senior DevOps Engineer
Reflecting the recognition of DevOps nowadays, this is the joint-second maximum of the tech earners outdoor of the CIO position. Senior DevOps Engineers are paid £70,000 on common in London, losing to £ fifty-two,500 in the Home Counties and £50,000 in other regions.

1. Solutions Architect
Sometimes referred to as the ‘Chief Architect,’ that is the highest paid function in IT, outdoor the C-Site titles of CIO, CTO, and CISO. They are paid a mean of £ seventy-seven,500 in London, dropping to £ sixty-two,500 in the Home Counties and £60,000 in different regions. µ

Employed in a single activity utility: viable, however…

As I said at the start of this piece, I don’t believe that there are a hard and fast set of outcomes that may be totally managed to get employed in one precise task. The job interview comes right down to human chemistry. This means that the final results are first-class, a sixty-five % danger of fulfillment.

But I believe that the task utility method, whilst high-quality learned and applied towards the most successful techniques, is miles viable to get hired quickly and in a well-timed way. The motive the average job-seeker currently gets 1 phone interview according to 20 activity applications and spends 4 months job looking is a bad approach. If any of them figured out that it costs them on average nearly £10,000 in each lost income and further expenses, they could quickly do something tons higher, a great deal faster.

Put, if you may discover 50 suitable jobs for which you are skilled and qualified, then there is no reason why you ought to be unemployed. It definitely is that easy in case you understand the right process application approach. Plus, if you realize it nicely and feature access to the right data, possible to get hired in a single task utility.