The Ultimate Study Plan for Teaching Certification Exams in Texas

This study plan is for those who want to learn to teach the certification exams for K-12 in Texas.

If you’re teaching in Texas, there are several exams that you need to pass to be certified to teach. Most of these tests are multiple-choice tests, so they are not very difficult to pass. But it doesn’t matter how easy the test is to pass because some people still fail it yearly.

In Texas, you can only work as a teacher after you pass the Praxis Test of Basic Skills. This test covers topics like reading, writing, and math skills, and it is designed to help teachers know if they have the skills to teach certain subjects. We’ll cover some of the top questions people ask about taking the Praxis Test, and then we’ll show you how to study for this test to improve your odds of passing.

Many of my students ask me how they can prepare for teaching certification exams in Texas. Since I’ve been teaching for nearly two decades and still find myself studying for new exams, I know it can get pretty overwhelming quickly. If you have time, I’ll show you a study plan I use to prepare for various Texas teaching certifications.

Teaching Certification Exams

What are Teaching Certification Exams in Texas?

Teaching certification exams are multiple-choice tests that must be passed before you can be a certified teacher in Texas. While most of these tests are relatively easy to pass, some test takers fail them yearly.

A recent report by the Texas Education Agency found that only 43 percent of people who took the test passed it. So what can you do to ensure that you pass your next test?

Here are the best strategies for passing the Praxis Test of Basic Skills.

The Importance of a Study Plan for These Exams

You’ve heard the phrase, “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure,” which is true in studying for the Praxis exam. When you look, you’re improving your chances of passing the test. The good news is that most tests are multiple-choice, and you can prepare for them by taking practice tests. But you should also have a plan to study between tests to maintain focus and consistency. A study plan is the best way to look for the Praxis exam. This is a set of goals, tasks, and deadlines you follow to achieve your goals.

You can use a Google spreadsheet to create your study plan. This tool is useful for organizing and tracking your progress, and it can be shared with other people to help you stay focused.

I created a simple one-page plan with a few goals for my studies. I used a different color for each section. I made a task. For example, I completed a study guide for each test section, including a practice test.

Each task has a due date, which gives you a sense of urgency. My first goal was to finish a study guide for each section in two weeks. If you are a beginner, you may want to start with a shorter study plan and work up to a more detailed one.

Breakdown of the Subjects Covered

This test is split into three sections: reading, writing, and math. Each unit includes seven to nine multiple-choice questions. The reading section has questions on various topics, such as vocabulary, sentence structure, and spelling. The writing section has questions on multiple issues, such as grammar, mechanics, and punctuation. The math section has questions on various topics, such as basic algebra, geometry, and arithmetic.

Each subject section has questions covering each topic, so there is a good chance you will see the same question on the test. However, the test is designed to test a specific skill, so it is important to study each subject carefully. I suggest breaking down the issues in the trial into smaller units, such as reading a passage, then answering the questions.

Gathering Study Materials

You can buy expensive study guides and practice questions or gather study materials independently. If you plan on taking the test in person, you should get your study materials before the test. To save time, you can also buy study materials online. These study guides are usually more affordable than those in bookstores.

You should also buy a good practice test if you have the money. A practice test allows you to see how you do on a specific test. After you get your study materials, you should start practicing. Practice questions enable you to see where your weaknesses are.

It is also the best way to learn what to expect from the exam. After you get your practice questions, you should start studying for the test. The Texas State Board of Education requires you to score at least a 70 on each test section.

Key Books and Resources Required

While the Praxis Test is required by law, it is a good idea to study for it. The test covers a lot of material that is useful for teaching.

Here are some key books and resources that you should study before taking the test:

How to Teach Math to Kids Using Hands-On Activities

This book is a must-have for anyone who wants to teach math. It is a collection of over 70 hands-on activities teachers can use to help students learn.

The activities are divided into three categories:

  1. *Number Talks*. These activities teach concepts such as counting, telling time, and comparing numbers.
  2. *Mathematical Problems*. These are a collection of activities that help children understand the steps of solving mathematical problems.
  3. *Math Games*. These are a collection of activities that help children learn math skills.

These are the main topics covered in this book. There are also a lot of other activities that cover a lot of different issues. While this book is good for beginners, it is especially useful for those already teaching. The activities are all well-organized, and they help you to teach specific topics.

Frequently Asked Questions Teaching Certification Exams

Q: How did you learn about the exam process?

A: I have been studying for the TESTC for four years, and my husband is a psychologist. We have tried to prepare for this exam together. He does the majority of the research and works with me on the answers, and then helps me practice.

Q: Do you feel like you’ve gotten past that initial stage of nerves?

A: Yes, after taking some practice tests and trying to understand the test, I felt more confident about the test and what I needed to study.

Top Myths About Teaching Certification Exams

  1. This study plan was developed by a lawyer who has studied the law.
  2. This study plan will help you pass your exams and get your desired certification.
  3. This study plan will be completed in just two weeks.


I’m sure you’ve heard by now that teaching certification exams are a huge part of becoming a teacher in Texas. This means that you need to thoroughly know all the material you’ll be expected to know. If you’re new to teaching, I recommend getting familiar with the exam requirements you must take as soon as possible. But first, let’s talk about why you need these tests in the first place.