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Dr. Pamela A. Wilson received Trident’s Teaching Excellence Award for the Winter 2019 sector. Students nominated a general of 65 school participants, with Dr. Wilson being selected because of the winner by University leadership based on the power of the high-quality feedback submitted by college students.

Trident University College

CYPRESS, Calif., June 21, 2019,/PRNewswire-PRWeb/ — Trident University International (Trident) proudly gives Dr. Pamela A. Wilson its Teaching Excellence Award for the Winter 2019 quarter. An overall of 65 faculty participants had been nominated with the aid of students, with Dr. Wilson being decided on because of the winner by using University leadership based totally on the power of the high-quality feedback submitted with the aid of college students.

Dr. Wilson has served as a component-time school member in Trident’s College of Education because of 2009. She works intently with college students in the Master of Arts in Education, Doctor of Education, and Ph.D. In Educational Leadership applications.

“Dr. Wilson is an amazing professor! She stimulated and supported us in achieving our academic capacity by way of constantly training us to learn and understand relevant standards, however more importantly, through facilitating our capability to convey those concepts into our actual-world vocation or dissertation recognition,” states Ricky Higby, Doctor of Education (Ed.D) pupil.

Dr. Wilson’s educational revelations include course development, schooling, team construction, leadership improvement, mentoring, and employee evaluations. Her research pursuits consist of conduct-driven ideologies, specifically regarding self-efficacy, vanity, and motivational behaviors that power studying.

A 32-year army veteran, Dr. Wilson served in several management positions over her embellished career path. Her efforts brought about key improvements in the training and development of leaders and senior-level military spouses.

“Teaching has been my lifelong passion,” comments Dr. Wilson. “I am grateful that I can connect with ambitious and curious minds all around the globe. I am equally thankful that I examine a lot each day from my students. This is what completes me as an individual.”

Dr. Wilson earned a Ph.D. In Educational Leadership from Trident, a Master in Public Administration from Troy University, and a Bachelor of Science in Recreation from Chicago State University.

About Trident University

Founded in 1998, Trident University International (Trident) is a main online postsecondary university serving beginners. Trident uses the EdActive™ mastering technique, which employs case-based learning in an online place to train actual-international relevant essential thinking talents to enhance the lives and careers of college students. Trident offers tremendous companions, bachelor’s, grasp’s, and doctoral diploma applications and certificates, led using a certified faculty team, over 80% of whom have postgraduate degrees. Trident is locally accepted via the WASC Senior College and University Commission (WSCUC) and has over 27,000 alums and more than 22,000 with an army association. The University has obtained more than one acknowledgment from Military Times and Military Advanced Education & Transition for their dedication to Navy-affiliated college students. Visit http://www.Trident.Edu, Trident’s Facebook web page, or name at (855) 290-0290 to examine more about Trident’s wide variety of educational alternatives.

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