Anjuman pays tribute to eminent personalities

Mysuru: Anjuman-e-Hadeeathul Adab had organized a condolence meeting at Arafat Function Hall on Shivaji Road in N.R. Mohalla on Sunday remaining to pay tributes to journalist and medical practitioner Dr. Abdul Rahman, Educationist Prof. Ranjith Singh Rangeela, Hazrath Moulana Syed Khudrath Ulla Saheb Baqvi, Urdu Poet Abdul Khadir Ariff Mandya, and Dr. Jameel Jaalbi, who exceeded away these days.

eminent personalities

It is a tradition of Anjuman-e-Hadeeqathul Adab to organize condolence conferences to pay tribute to the departed souls of eminent personalities of the city who had labored to spread the message of communal concord and inside the field of Education.

The program commenced with the recitation of verses from the Holy Quran by using Moulana Shahbaz Hussain and Naath by Fida Hussain. President of Anjuman-e-Hadeeqathul Adab Syed Shafi Ahmed welcomed and supplied a short file of the sports of Anjuman. He gave a brief advent of the departed souls for whom the condolence meeting was organized.

Speaking at the occasion, the town’s famous Physician and Star of Mysore columnist Dr. K. Javeed Nayeem, who is additionally the former President of Anjuman-e- Hadeeqathul Adab, said that it changed into a way of life of Anjuman to organize Eid Milan on the glad event of Eid festival and to ask humans from various walks of existence.

He also stated that the business enterprise also organizes condolence meetings to forget the departed souls of various communities, who had labored to spread the message of communal concord.

Dr. Javeed stated that alongside the Muslim network’s late personalities, the Anjuman changed into remembering Prof. Ranjith Singh Rangeela, who became a retired Professor at Central Institute of Indian Languages (CIIL) and a normal invitee in the Eid Milan every yr. He said that Prof. Ranjith Singh loved to attend the Eid Milan feature, and he continually used to reward Prophet Mohamed (P.B.U.H) whilst addressing the gathering.

Mohamed Anwar from Punjab, running at CIIL, and Dr. Azeeza Rizwana also paid rich tributes to Prof. Ranjith Singh.

Well-recognized Orthopaedician Dr. Anees Ur Rahman, son, and Iftikhar Ahmed, son-in-law of past due to Dr. Abdul Rhaman, spoke about late Dr. Abdul Rahman. Taj Mohamed Khan, Hon. Secretary, Rahul Muslimeen Educational Trust (RMET), spoke at Abdul Rahman’s life and his services to the sector of Education, Journalism, and Sports, specifically Football.

Stating that Dr. Abdul Rahman never took expenses from terrible sufferers, he stated that a scholarship would be instituted in his call as Dr. Abdul Rahman changed into one of the Trustees of RMET.

Taj Mohamed Khan requested the office-bearers of Anjuman to post an e-book on the functions hosted via Anjuman.

Moulana Abdul Samad prayed for the departed souls. Syed Shafi Ahmed, President, Anjuman-e-Hadeeqathul Adab, compered and proposed a vote of thank you.

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