Turkish business enterprise takes over Pak-Turk schools

On Tuesday, LAHORE: Turkey’s Maarif Foundation officially assumed the management of all instructional establishments in Pakistan formerly linked to Fethullah Gulen’s corporation.

There are 28 Pak-Turk faculties in one-of-a-kind towns. Schools in Karachi and Islamabad have been passed over to the foundation on Friday and people in Lahore on Tuesday.

 Pak-Turk schools

The Supreme Court had earlier advised the government to claim Gulen’s business enterprise a terrorist institution and ordered turning in the schools to the Maarif Foundation.

Turkey established the Maarif Foundation in 2016 after a coup try. It became tasked with taking over the administration of overseas faculties related to Gulen’s business enterprise. It additionally establishes faculties and educational centers across the world.

The Pak-Turk faculties were administered via a foundation related to Gulen and an ally of Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan. However, since the abortive coup attempt in 2016, the Turkish leadership has blamed Gulen for sponsoring the overthrow try, resulting in a global crackdown on the religious and academic network led using him.

Ankara accuses Gulen of being behind a protracted-running marketing campaign to overthrow the country via Turkish institutions’ infiltration, specifically the army, police, and judiciary.

However, the Pak-Turk school’s students and their parents had protested in opposition to the authorities for handing over their instructors to Turkey and later the colleges to the muse.

Maarif Foundation president Prof Dr. Birol Akgün said that his company changed into taking over faculties, establishments, and facilities in several international locations connected to Gulen thru bilateral and multilateral agreements with the Republic of Turkey.


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