Cyprus award for global’s high-quality teacher

Award-prevailing’ first-class trainer of the sector’, Andria Zafirakou, might be in Cyprus for a unique presentation.
The Youth Organisation of Cyprus is honoring Andria Zafirakou, who, according to the Varkey Foundation, is the fine trainer of the world, on Friday, February 15, at the Pallas Cinema Theatre in Nicosia. Zafirakou stood out among 30,000 instructors and was honored with the 2018 Global Teacher Prize (2018).

high-quality teacher
The Youth Organisation of Cyprus’s aims are to be cognizance of young people’s careers and contribute to introducing new standards for colleges and the mastering method. Its vision focuses on a faculty concentrating on technology, engineering, arts, and mathematics and incorporating fundamental concepts. One is thematic and personalized learning—a school where college students may be happy to go.
Zafirakou teaches artwork at the Alperton School in a stricken region of London. As she factors out, what she profits from her students – whom she welcomes daily in 35 extraordinary languages – is far greater than what she offers them. She has delivered a schooling system encouraging marginalized youngsters to participate in faculty existence and employ their capacity.

After Zafirakos’ presentation, a debate can be held, coordinated with Charidimos Tsoukas, professor of strategic management at Columbia Ship Management at the University of Cyprus. The discussion may also encompass Andri Savva from the branch of education sciences at the University of Cyprus, specializing in art in education.

The event hopes to include educators, educational organizations, academics, mothers and fathers, college students, members of the parliament’s training committee, representatives of the Ministry of schooling services, vocational steering advisors, universities, entrepreneurship centers, and media representatives.

Q: What are the expenses worried about?

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Q: What is your personal imaginative and prescient regarding Second Life?

Berry: I am fortunate to have now a middle organization of superb contacts with various knowledge inside SL. I am encouraging establishments to discover this internationally to look at how first-rate they can maximize their learning procedures. So I act from time to time act as an agent, presenting advice and setting ‘explorers’ in contact with the quality developers inside SL so that you can reduce the expenses and maximize the effectiveness of their presence. It saddens me to peer how a few establishments are throwing their money away without knowing what they want to gain. As with any appropriate website, some implications cross beyond the design and gift of the organizational culture, how pleasant to guide clients and college students via the informational seek method, how excellent to leverage SL’s strengths, and so forth.