Goa authorities orders implementation of ESW quota in jobs

The Goa government has ordered all its departments, public sector undertakings, and academic institutions within the kingdom to put into effect 10 in line with cent reservation for the economically weaker sections (EWS) in jobs and training.

The authorities issued this order on Friday.

 ESW quota in jobs

Chief Minister Pramod Sawant-led Cabinet had, closing week, handed a resolution to force the 10 percent quota for the EWS in government jobs and schooling inside the kingdom, except the existing reservations.

An office memorandum issued through the national Director of Social Welfare, Parag Nagarcekar, directed all the departments, public area undertakings, and self-sufficient bodies to regulate the present parameters to offer reservation EWS.

The state authorities have already launched a survey to determine how many people could enjoy the legislative modification to offer quota to EWS in the widespread class.

The constitutional amendment to provide the 10 percent quota was authorized through Parliament in January this year, and it later received the assent of President Ram Nath Kovind.

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