Faculty Education Manager

An exciting opportunity is available to join the Faculty of Health Sciences in this senior educational control role. Health Sciences at the University of Bristol includes undergraduate programs in medication, dentistry, veterinary technological know-how, veterinary nursing, and anatomy; postgraduate taught and studies programs throughout the total variety of scientific and essential science problem areas.

Education Manager

The Faculty Education Manager is the lead professional offerings function overseeing student assist services inside the Faculty. Directly answerable for the management of the Faculty training group, the function holder provides professional oversight to the School Administration Managers in the Faculty and contributes at group-degree to the development and implementation of policies and processes relating to training support.

The hit candidate will work intently with educational colleagues inside the Faculty, ensuring that instructional strategies and movement plans are aligned with University priorities and deliver towards Faculty objectives.

With expert responsibility to the Academic Registrar, the postholder is liable for ensuring that University and individual program policies are consistently and fairly in instructional decision-making.

This is a senior leadership function in a dynamic and speedy-converting Faculty offering the possibility for sizable private development. Recent Faculty Education Managers in Health Sciences have moved on to high school and company management roles within the University, building on the skills and attributes evolved within the Faculty role.

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