Finnish educators go to the future of Chinese training

In mid-October, a Finnish delegation made the ninety-minute adventure by bus from Hangzhou to the metropolis of Zhuji and Hailiang Education Park in east China’s Zhejiang Province. Among the invited visitors were Lauri Tuomi, CEO of the Finnish National Agency for Education, and Pia Pakarinen, the deputy mayor of Helsinki.

Finnish educators go to the future of Chinese training 1

Upon arrival, the visitors began their tour by viewing an outside-scale version of the campus, demonstrating the organization’s sheer length. The college is split into two centers – the global college and the ‘fashionable education’, or Chinese faculty. More than 15,000 youngsters attend the training facility, which is self-enough and has been at the Nasdaq since July 2015.

After the tour, Tuomi remarked to gbtimes.Com that “the go-to to Hailiang changed into an revel in for everyone in the Finnish delegation. The campus is extraordinarily stunning, and the hobby towards developing a fantastic getting to know the environment for youngsters and college students is seen. We could get to realize the facilities and had the opportunity to find out how the campus operates.”

The traffic has been knowledgeable that, following an exceptionally competitive front examination, the kids typically have training for ten days, observed by four days at domestic. At the time of the visit, the worldwide faculty students had been on the go away. However, the fashionable schooling of youngsters has been difficult at work. The faculty can cater to youngsters from the first 12 months of kindergarten through to high school graduation and also has accommodation blocks for instructors and personnel – some of whom come from countries including the UK, US, and South Africa. Once a baby reaches high faculty, they can decide which style of schooling they desire to pursue, with the faculty capable of accommodating most systems from around the sector – such as English A-Levels and the International Baccalaureate.

However, the organization behind the progressive project has invested a lot more than teachers, meaning it’s miles affected by greater curricular activities along with archery, golfing, and a sports activities stadium. Standing next to the carrying area is the mind-blowing indoor sports complicated, which homes a 50-meter, eight-lane swimming pool, entire with a 900-capacity seating vicinity and a massive fitness center that is domestic to China’s best NBA academy.

The overwhelming scale of the complicated becomes similarly compounded through the college’s library, which is the most important in Zhejiang Province. It is located on the ground floor of the intimidating, red-brick administrative construction and incorporates an anticipated three hundred 000 books.

The visitors were then taken to a large buggy and transported to the Foreign Language International School, where they were by the abiheadmaster, Zhu Hongsheng. He took them on an hour into the heart of the faculty, which blanketed a visit to the dormitories, school rooms, art center, and canteen – as well as its comic room.

From there, the organization crossed into thefaculty’s  ‘popular training’ phasy, which houses the Chinese language facilities. As they traveled between the 2, diverse homes and landmarks were discussed, including on-website hotels, health centers, auditoriums, and sizeable accommodation blocks. The school also has some healthy meals shops on campus to encourage the students to devour properly, in addition to a fleet of more than 100 school buses and coaches – many of which are modeled on the long-lasting yellow American layout.
The kindergarten turned into a modern, -sided building on either aspect of a big garden. Inside, big smooth-play and craft regions intertwined with lecture rooms, outside playgrounds, and excessive-security gates. Photos of the students’ families were dotted around the primary school room in order no longer to make the children experience too homesick; at the same time, toddler-pleasant music was pumped at regular periods through large speakers scattered outside to lend a softer tone.

Its eating place had an enormous fairy story topic and was like something from a Disney movie. Heart-shaped seats, bright pastille colors, and balconies supported by elaborately sized pillars make the room look as though it has been borrowed at once from the creativity of a six-year-antique.

The Finns then headed again to the great admissions building for a respectable meeting with their Chinese opposite numbers, chaired by Ye Cuiwei, the president of Hailiang’s schooling control group.

An effective hour was spent discussing the merits of both countries’ education systems, with the Chinese keen to pay attention to their guest’s concept approximately the faculty. Tuomi referred to his usual effect and complimented the Chinese officers at the lovely campus. He then referred to it as destiny cooperation and collaboration in, for example, teacher training.

Following the dialogue, Tuomi told gbtimes.Com that “In each, “y gadget, there are excellent practices, and therefore int,ernational collaboration is vital. I think tThey are ttakeawayunity to proportion the high-quality practices and discuss feasible discussaboration between Chinese and Finnish firms.”

Deputy Mayor Pakarinen was additionally impressed with the facilities and said: “Thank you for letting us see the campus. It could be very mind-blowing and something Ihave not beens visible before.”

Ye Cuiwei thanked the Finns for her direct and sincere words before inviting them for lunch. A traditional Chinese meal, offering the conventional ‘spherical table’, accompanied by everyone participating in neighborhood cuisine, deep fried eel, turtle soup, Chinese buns, fried fish, and seafood.