JEA ought to reduce masses of jobs

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – Hundreds of JEA employees — consisting of top management — might be laid off, and plans for a new headquarters building can be scrapped because the town-owned utility offers falling revenues.

The JEA board of directors mentioned adjustments it wishes to make to the utility’s charter to regulate its business version as a call for electricity drops. With clients using less electricity because of electricity performance and rooftop solar panels, the JEA board desires to generate sales in approaches not protected inside the modern constitution.


At a Tuesday morning board assembly, the board said that unless adjustments are made, the town-owned application could face layoffs of 574 employees, mixed with a 26% charge increase. Even plans to move its headquarters to a $72 million new construction can be scrapped.

The process cuts should cross right to the pinnacle of the employer.

“It’s undoubtedly over 50% of higher control, such as myself,” CEO Aaron Zahn stated.

JEA has knowledgeable of the Ryan Company, the organization constructing the brand new headquarters, that the utility needs an out in the settlement. Ryan’s nearby vice president, Doug Dieck, said that is common.

” Technically what it way is, they’re prudent with their enterprise,” Dieck stated, including JEA instructed him it is complete steam ahead for now.

Union members at the meeting were amazed by the discussion of layoffs. Valerie Gutierrez, enterprise manager of the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers Local 2358, left the meeting without commenting.

The board directed the workforce to return to next month’s assembly to offer unique plans to address the application’s falling revenues.

JEA’s body of workers stated if the city could trade its constitution to permit the application to enlarge into sun installations and different excessive-tech enterprise possibilities, it could improve its revenue forecast and keep away from such deep cuts, and the steep fee will increase.
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