Discourage Use Of Tik Tok


The Goa government’s training department has directed schools to discourage students from downloading the popular video-sharing app Tik Tok and the multiplayer combat sport PUBG on their cell phones. The app and the game create “protection and safety difficulty for kids in the nation,” it said.

Use Of Tik Tok

In a circular issued to the heads of tutorial establishments, the branch said, “The movement in time may be of tremendous help in saving a few lives.”

Following hints from the Goa State Commission for the Protection of Child Rights, the directions were issued.

The round, signed by the Director of Education Nagaraj Honnekeri, stated schools also need to call a meeting of Parents and Teachers Associations to create recognition approximately “now not to download or use Tik Tok app and PUBG recreation.”

The app and the sport “create the problem of protection and safety of children in Goa,” it added.

While issues had been raised approximately the addictive nature of Tik Tok and PUBG, the Madras High Court had imposed a ban on the video-sharing app in reaction to a petition in May.

The petition had alleged that Tik Tok — which lets take pictures and sharing of quick movies — could make pornographic content effortlessly accessible. The ban was later lifted.

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