‘New education policy aimed to make India a know-how superpower’

The new training policy is aimed to make India a knowledge superpower, stated the speakers at some stage in a daylong seminar on “Un-carrier Teacher Training As Reflected In New Education Policy” at the Central University of Kashmir right here.

New education policy

The software became organized by way of the Department of Teacher Education of the college to discuss the policy. The speakers stated the policy aimed to fulfill the converting dynamics close to the best education, innovation, and studies, aiming to make India an expertise superpower by equipping its college students with essential abilties and understanding.

Vice-Chancellor of the Central University of Kashmir, Prof Mehraj ud Din, who changed into leader guest at the occasion, stated the coverage had laid unique emphasis on offering satisfactory college training.

“The higher instructional establishments, along with varsities, get the products from the colleges and higher secondary establishments, so it will become vital besides enhancing first-class coaching and education in the colleges,” he said.

He said it had been located that approximately ten crore college students in pre-primary faculties were not successful in enrolling in the primary faculties. “The children aren’t capable of analyzing, writing, and gaining knowledge of basic arithmetic,” Prof Mehraj ud Din Mir said.

He stated the committee has also encouraged the curriculum to suit the native language. “Children can understand fundamentals higher in the mother tongue,” he said.

Dean of the School of Education, Dr. Syed Zahoor Ahmad Geelani, said the coverage has already been published. The Government has sought tips and adjustments from the loads, especially the teaching network.

“The policy has laid large emphasis on teacher schooling. If we need to carry exchange in the education state of affairs, then we must deliver adequate change in trainer’s education,” Dr. Geelani stated.

He said the Department turned into deliberating to organize a workshop to discuss the coverage and send tips to the involved region.

Senior Assistant Professors Dr. Muhammad Syed Bhat and Dr. Firdous Ahmad Sofitel also spoke and supplied their papers at the coverage.

Many new initiatives have been recommended in the policy, together with removing social class, gender, and nearby gaps, internationalizing better training, introducing technological integration of activity at all levels, and strengthening open and distance learning. These projects have been taken to enhance the participation of underneath-represented businesses.

“If the reforms covered inside the policy are implemented, college students, teachers, and educational establishments will get the right ecosystem to result in a training revolution, which in flip would assist in building a sturdy academic eco-device,” the speakers stated.