NGO is building a source of earnings

Helen Keller rightly said, “Your fulfillment and happiness lie in you. Resolve to preserve happiness and your pleasure, and also, you shall form an invincible host in opposition to difficulties.”

The human spirit comprises potential, determination, capacity, and fearlessness that no disability can ever steal. To ignite this passion and supply a kickstart to a happier and more healthy lifestyle for differently-abled people, a Non-Government Organisation (NGO), Narayan Seva Sansthan, offers exquisite offerings within the area of the welfare of Persons with Disabilities (PWD).


The NGO has been honored with various awards, including the ‘Personal Category Award’ at the countrywide degree in the 12 months of 2003, the celebrated ‘Padma Shree’ Award in 2008, ‘Asia’s Most Trusted Brand Award’ in the yr 2016, and so on. The NGO has also acquired the Quality Mark Award for its terrific success and excellence inside the NGO segment.

Take a have a look at the interaction with the President of Narayan Seva Sansthan, Prashant Agrawal:

Q1. What is your organization’s contribution to providing schooling to other way-abled children?

Prashant Agrawal: We started a faculty for differently-abled youngsters from magnificence nursery to seventh grade in which we offer books, stationery, uniform, transportation, and meals at a free fee.

We broaden their talents with suitable programs for numerous needs. We offer nice teaching methodologies to these kids. Apart from this, our enterprise emphasizes character mastering.

Extracurricular activities are also performed for these kids from time to time. In a manner, we make certain appropriate surroundings for otherwise-abled children.

Q2. What all abilities do you instill inside the in another way- abled youngsters? How do you assist them in earning?

PA: Narayan Seva Sansthan facilitates specifically-abled kids and adults to broaden competencies with a man or woman talent improvement classes and workshops to cause them to be economically self-structured. Various ability improvement programs encompass mobile repairing, pc hardware repairing, stitching training, mehndi schooling, and many others. We aim to develop one’s abilities, which might make such human beings impartial in destiny.

Q3. Give a brief idea about the awards/achievements of Narayan Seva Sansthan.

PA: Through the years, Narayan Seva Sansthan’s work has been known using numerous enterprises and institutions. We have acquired numerous awards for our paintings:

Prestigious ‘Padma Shree’ Award given using the former President of India

‘Personal Category Award’ at the countrywide level for super services inside the discipline of the welfare of Persons with Disabilities (PWD)

Agra Ratna Samman

National Award for outstanding commitment to the network

Communal Harmony Award

Q4: What is your opinion on the right of differently-abled people to work and earn? Give your views on the empowerment of different way-abled humans.

PA: In my opinion, all of us have comparable rights to work and earn whether the person is in another way-abled; we’re running at the precept of empowering humans with incapacity through intervention, inclusive education, skill improvement, and location.PA: We are an organization that helps the otherwise abled people recognize their hopes, desires, and goals and help individuals who need only a little extra guidance. Not best, Sansthan yearns to provide them full socio-financial assistance via first-class clinical services, drug treatments, aids, appliances, and skill development at zero price. We move beyond the conventional barriers and purpose to serve in totality, preserving every tangent for their empowerment in a different way abled humans.

Q7. How is your NGO distinctive from other NGOs?

PA: Narayan Seva Sansthan brings technical know-how through its tremendous international presence across forty-nine overseas branches. Our NGO offers the entirety free of cost, transportation, and proper meals (breakfast and full-day food) to every unmarried affected person who visits us.

About Narayan Seva Sansthan:

Narayan Seva Sansthan is a non-authorities agency (NGO) in India based in Udaipur. Established in 1985, the NGO has worked drastically over the last three years to reach out and rehabilitate otherwise capable humans from the underprivileged segment.

Narayan Seva Sansthan works with 480 branches in India and 49 branches overseas, specializing in alleviating disabilities and imparting proper physical, social, and economic rehabilitation. This is achieved through well-planned and comprehensive packages in fitness, rehabilitation, corrective surgeries, and helping resource distribution, making it the great charity enterprise in India.