Purpose of education is to present us usable capabilities

Students were shocked when the Commission of University Education (CUE) rubbished 133 university courses as ‘vain.’ CUE is charged with approving all educational programs in nearby universities.

This comes after Deputy President William Ruto’s comments, intimating that some college guides were beside the point. While speaking at Kenya Technical Trainers College in Nairobi during the release of a TVET Competency-Based Educational and Training framework closing year, Ruto rubbished guides inclusive of history, geography, sociology, and anthropology. The deputy president questioned why someone should have a degree and roast maize with the roadside’s aid.

present us usable capabilities

The jury may still be out on whether Ruto changed properly in his tirade. Still, two things approximately how we method schooling in Kenya need to be reviewed. The first is the notion Kenyans name ‘papers.’ One of my uncles continually recommended to us back in the day that these days global, one ought to ensure they’ve papers. “Read until you get to the sign that announces no road in advance,” he might say, “till you have all of the papers.”

A bachelor’s diploma has grown to be so insignificant in Kenya today because almost every graduate has a master’s degree. Many human resource managers will tell you that an advertisement for an easy clerical process at any agency will attract most candidates with master’s levels. After all, most job adverts nowadays come with the ‘A grasp’s degree might be a delivered benefit’ tag line.

Some smart man once stated that training is what stays after everything you had been taught is forgotten. The question then turns into, what do our graduates have passed the degree certificates they keep so expensive? In our quest for papers, almost every Kenyan graduate well worth his salt has a Master of Business Administration (MBA).

This leaves the question begging; is the cease sport of training the paper you’re awarded or the skill imparted to you? Show me a Kenyan who has a Master of Business Administration, and I will display you a Kenyan who may in no way have administered a business.

The MBA paper is visible using many to earn advertising or secure employment and now not as a talent to start and run an enterprise.

That is why we have graduated with engineering and commercial enterprise stages running as bank tellers while Form Four dropouts are accessible, trying their arms on innovation and enterprise. A Kenyan with papers could alternatively be employed in a white-collar putting and earn Ksh50,000 a month than try out the ability he learned in faculty to make Sh50,000 in two days. Stories abound in Kenya of business people who by no means set foot in college, however, are running a successful corporation. The 2nd problem picks from where the primary one left. Since most Kenyans with papers turn away from entrepreneurship, our children have nowhere to discover ways to run groups. The best way to learn how to run a commercial enterprise is to try your hands on one, and who better to train you than the circle of relatives?

Not implying

The same graduate with an engineering degree and operating as a bank teller will depend upon his month-to-month salary and not attempt his hand on an aspect of the business. If maximum knowledgeable Kenyans tried their hand at entrepreneurship, we would provide our kids with the danger of getting an education in entrepreneurship.

Walk into any college in Kenya nowadays, and you’ll discover only a few Indians and Somalis of Kenyan beginning to pursue papers. However, most successful groups in Kenya are run with the aid of the same Indians and Somalis. I am not implying that Indians and Somalis of the Kenyan foundation don’t cost training.