Queen Mary academic to chair leading clinical training agency

Professor Sandra Nicholson from the Queen Mary University of London has been appointed the brand-new Chair of the Association for the Study of Medical Education (ASME).

chair leading clinical training agency

A long-time member of the affiliation, Professor Nicholson has a protracted-standing hobby of learning clinical training. She is a General Practitioner and Head of the Centre of Medical Education at Barts and The London School of Medicine and Dentistry, Queen Mary University of London.

Professor Nicholson, Deputy Director of Queen Mary’s Institute of Health Sciences Education, said: “I am delighted to now chair ASME’s Board of Directors. ASME is in an exquisite position to lead scientific training studies in the UK with effects that innovate and sustain the excessive exceptional of both countrywide and international clinical education.

“I accept that first-class and innovation are intimately related to suitable educational outcomes. I have observed ASME as a completely supportive and nurturing environment, with its contributors imparting confidence and proposal in addition to some lifestyles-lengthy friendships.”Promoting excellence throughout scientific education

ASME is a membership business enterprise that turned hooked up in 1957 using the General Medical Council to sell and conduct studies into clinical education and pursuits to sell excellence throughout clinical education and schooling.

As a medical educationalist, researcher, and practicing clinician, Professor Nicholson’s roles have given her substantial enjoyment of operating at clinical postgraduate and undergraduate tiers with medical doctors, healthcare professionals, students, and sufferers in number one and secondary care contexts.

Her research has focused on choice and widening participation, growing the satisfaction and quantity of GP placements for clinical college students, and promoting affected person participation and affected person-concentrated care inside the medical curriculum.

ASME President Professor Derek Gallen said: “We are thrilled to appoint Sandra to this new position. As a protracted-time period member of the affiliation, she brings a wealth of tutorial studies and expertise to this role. At the same time, I would like to thank Professor Jennifer Cleland for her hard paintings as Chair. She is leaving ASME as a sturdy and extraordinarily appeared membership company for medical education professionals.”

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