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Music is constantly evolving; whether it’s rock, rap, dance, genres are continuously biking through artists, time stops for no person. To reap sturdiness as a musician is an outstanding accomplishment, specifically in a dance tune. The marketing cycle could be single pushed, and tastes and trends are constantly converting. One of the acts that have done this repute needs to be W&W. Hailing from the EDM hotbed. This is the Netherlands; W&W has controlled to stand out from the crowd over this decade’s higher part.

Talk Rave Culture

Ward van der Harst and Willem van Hanegem were some of the early pioneers of the EDM movement that rode into the United States around 2013. They produced massive tracks like “Bigfoot,” “The Code” with Ummet Ozcan, “Don’t Stop the Madness” with Hardwell, “Rocket” with Blasterjaxx, and perhaps their maximum iconic tune, “Rave After Rave.” Through their production prowess and constant traveling schedule, it’s smooth sufficient to catch a W&W set, whether it’s at EDC, Ultra, or Tomorrowland.

Ward and Willem recently rebranded their label, and aesthetic as Rave Culture with the accompanying identify music and a slew of latest releases that have seen them dabble in psytrance and hardcore, besides, to collaborate with a number of the most important names inside the industry, and their close friends, Armin van Buuren and Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike. We got the threat to sit down and communicate with Ward and Willem earlier than their set at EDC Las Vegas more than one weeks ago. I talked to them about Rave Culture and the evolution in their sound, and they had been exceptionally enthusiastic about sharing their thoughts with us. Here’s our exclusive interview with W&W:

Tell me approximately the rebrand, tell me about Rave Culture, what had been the origins?

Willem: “A lot of factors honestly, we used to have Mainstage Music and the music that we signed turned into pigeon-holed as that type of sound. With Rave Culture, Rave is something larger than best EDM or trance.” Ward: “We have a few simply cool techy-stuff coming up.”

Willem: “But, like additionally, several human beings want us to host the second stage, you could’t have a Mainstage second stage. We absolutely have a community following, like a culture, because we wanted to rebrand, to healthy better. Like an ode to them.” Ward: “They already created this Mainstage circle of relatives.”

Willem: “We didn’t even realize about them. They confirmed us these kinds of companies, with all of the songs that we’re now not releasing.” Ward: “A large WhatsApp group, it’s additionally natural one hundred% organic.”

Willem: “That inspired us additionally to do this, the whole flow.”
That leaves you guys open to pursue new sounds. You’re no longer pigeonholed into one style. Tell me about the things you men were experimenting with, and I recognize there’s been quite a few psytrance?

Willem: “The last yr we did a psytrance collaboration with Vini Vici, we did one with Maurice West, which is also extra pay-ish, futuristic. Because with Vini Vici, we did extra tribal, that sort of sound, the sci-fi one is with Maurice West, to balance it out. And lately, we’ve been coming again to those antique EuroDance days, like whilst we have been younger, like ‘God is a Girl’”