Internships and Fellowships on the Inquirer

In the Fall and Spring Semesters, Philadelphia Media Network gives part-time internships. Unless in any other case cited, all through the instructional year, every intern will work 15 hours per week, preferably in 7.Five-hour shifts. Starting with the Spring 2019 semester, pay within the Fall and Spring is $12/hr.

Fellowships on the Inquirer

In the Summer, we offer full-time internships that pay $18/hour.

2019 Internship Deadlines:

Spring: Nov. 30
Summer: Dec. 15
Fall: TBD


Each intern applicant ought to be an enrolled pupil – preference is given to juniors and seniors. ADDED: Those who graduate within the spring semester are also eligible for summer-season internships.

All applicants must own the subsequent competencies:

Attention to detail and accuracy.
Adherence to journalistic ethics.
Knowledge of newspaper style.
Ability to paint both independently and collaboratively within a group.
Previous journalism enjoys strongly desired.
Flexibility to work nights and weekend shifts.

Applicants have to publish:

A cover letter
A resume
Work samples, together with 3 to five clips, link to online portfolio (for applicable image/video candidates), headline clips (for print production candidates)

Utilizing LinkedIn to find internships shouldn’t stop with growing a LinkedIn account and resume. Once you have developed an expert brand on LinkedIn, use it everywhere online, especially on process forums, boards, and social networking websites. You can include your LinkedIn account in your resume or direct managers, HR officials, and administrative personnel for your LinkedIn account to give your resume a deeper overview of your credentials.

1.LinkedIn has an authoritative ranking with search engines like Google and Yahoo. Meaning while a person does a Google, seek the usage of your name. There’s a good danger that the first result might be your LinkedIn page. If you want to be determined using recruiters, you must be capable of encompassing precise keywords to assist HR professionals and recruiters discover your LinkedIn web page.

2. Build your Professional Network – The terrific factor about LinkedIn is using your connections to assist in getting internships. Your actual buddies and colleagues will effortlessly discover you since you are already related to them through school, business enterprise hired in, or different matching info.

You can also locate a selected corporation or worker on LinkedIn. Once you find an internship program you are curious about, do a “people search” on LinkedIn and test if a hiring supervisor or HR body of workers in that employer is on LinkedIn. By clicking the names listed in your search, LinkedIn could be able to inform you if you are related to the character. You aim to have a mutual reference to the “insider” of the organization. You can ask them to introduce you to the hiring supervisor/worker if you are near a mutual connection.

Also, because it is a social networking web page, you can genuinely make friends with those “agency insiders” and get a higher risk of being hired for an internship. You would possibly even land training that is not listed.

3. Find Internships and Jobs – Companies and employers with LinkedIn debts usually post-task openings and internship opportunities on their LinkedIn money owed. If you already have an internship program on thoughts, exposure to many extra alternatives can give you a broader view of your destiny career. While you would possibly discover it more difficult to pick out which organization, workplace, or established order to become an intern in, you’ll be able to recognize what profession you like and work on it by getting the corresponding internship offers.