Unique new FHSU degree will permit students credit score for army enjoy

When he enlisted in the Tennessee National Guard in 1999, uppermost in Fred Mize’s thoughts was serving his u. S. Now a master sergeant, he’s thinking about approaches to better provide for his spouse and six children while he retires from the navy.

Fort Hays State University supplies a unique companion degree software intending to deliver Mize and different military participants like him the opportunity to do just that.

score for army enjoy

This fall, Fort Hays State will be the simplest college in the country to offer the Associate of Applied Science in Technology and Leadership diploma option for carrier members and veterans from all military branches. FHSU restructured current generation and management packages into one, bringing a technology education requirement that utilized military education and revels.

FHSU already has a partnership with the Army that uses squaddies’ professional military training as part of this diploma application, allowing the diploma final touch in a shorter period.

This unique accomplice software will award up to 36 credit score hours (of 60 required) for army training and revel in, consisting of six hours of transfer credit using navy leadership route substitutions. In addition to the companion degree, this system will award certificates in management research upon final touch. Learning alternatives include on-campus, online, or a combination of each.

“Looking at the distinct diploma applications online, that one piqued my hobby because it’s management-based,” Mize said. “In any profession, that’s essential.”

With the credit for army revel, the AAS diploma can be completed in 365 days, a bachelor’s degree in two more years, and a master’s diploma in an additional yr. Dr. Seth Kastle, an Army veteran and assistant professor of leadership research at FHSU, took the initiative to restructure the degree program.

“This diploma is an increased first step for service participants in achieving civilian credentials on the way to assist them in finding significant employment after their time of carrier,” Kastle stated. “They were operating in their fields for years. They were leadership practitioners on account that earlier than they have been antique enough to buy alcohol.”

The application stuck the eye of Command Sgt. Maj. Bryant Potts, the pinnacle noncommissioned officer for the U.S. Army’s ninety-fifth Infantry Division, Fort Sill, Okla.

“I assume it’s a notable idea,” stated Sgt. Maj. Potts. “There are lots of individuals who are persevering with their education at the same time as they are nonetheless serving. Fort Hays State having this degree choice is high-quality.”

In addition to the possibility of earning three stages in 4 years, carrier contributors also benefit from persevering with their training.

“In the army, as you get levels, that fulfills a prime requirement to boost your profession,” Kastle said.

Mize, who plans to retire from the military in four years, stated this new degree would undoubtedly impact him and his relatives’ circle.

“It’s something that’s been lacking for many years,” Mize stated. “Soldiers like myself, with my enjoyment, if I don’t have a degree to lower back that up after I retire, I wouldn’t be very marketable in the civilian world even though I have so many years of leadership enjoy. With a diploma backing it up, we earn what we deserve.”

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