Visiting delegation critiques preparations for Junior Science Olympiad

A delegation is traveling to Qatar to review the u. S. A .’s readiness to host the sixteenth International Junior Science Olympiad from December 3-12.

Qatar is the first Arab host united states of the Olympiad, whose 2019 version is being organized by way of the Ministry of Education and Higher Education in co-operation with Qatar University (QU) and Qatar Foundation.

Junior Science Olympiad
The International Junior Science Olympiad enterprise’s go-to consists of a meeting among the delegation and Fawzia Abdulaziz al-Khater, Assistant Undersecretary for Educational Affairs on the ministry.

The delegation may also meet with the Olympiad scientific and enterprise committees’ heads to discuss preparations for hosting the event.

It is expected that the delegation will visit the house of the scholars and crew leaders of the participating countries, the ministry has stated in a declaration. The theoretical and sensible take a look at venues that may be visited in addition to different rooms and centers organized for the dialogue of test questions, for correction and deliberation of the consequences.

Besides, the Olympiad delegation members will pay visits to other cautioned venues for extracurricular sports.
Qatar supplied “a stable and incorporated bid” to host the match during the last edition, held in Botswana in December, and won the honor of website hosting the 2019 Olympiad, the declaration cited. The Qatari collaborating team had won the bronze medal at that event.

The Ministry of Education and Higher Education started arrangements for the match to launch a reliable internet site and form the technical and employer committees that could make paintings in coordination with the ministries and authorities worried in Qatar.

The competition objectives to sell the spirit of excellence inside the area of technology, rejoice proficient students, and encourage them to refine and develop their abilties inside the discipline of herbal sciences.

As the host country, Qatar is entitled to participate with 18 students in the Olympiad.
The students are currently being educated under the “maximum requirements” for the upcoming Olympiad in Doha in co-operation with QU and one-of-a-kind universities in Education City.

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1. Integrated Improvement & LEAN

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