Abu Dhabi Declaration

ABU DHABI: (WAM) –1. The Ministers of Foreign Affairs and Heads of delegations of Member States of the Organisation of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) have issued the Abu Dhabi Declaration after the Forty-Sixth Session of the Council of Foreign Ministers (CFM) of Member States of the OIC held in Abu Dhabi over the last two days.

The Declaration reads as follows:

Dhabi Declaration

2. We, Ministers of Foreign Affairs and Heads of delegations of Member States of the OIC participating in the Forty-Sixth Session of the Council of Foreign Ministers (CFM) of Member States of the OIC held in Abu Dhabi, capital of the UAE, on twenty fourth and 25th Jumada Al-Akhirah 1440 A.H. (1st and second March 2019),

3. Valuing the leading position of the OIC in consolidating the efforts as a way to support the cooperation for the mutual hobby of Member States within the political, financial, security, social, cultural, educational, and different vital fields,

4. Confirming the commitment of Member States to the ideas and objectives stipulated in the Charter of the OIC and the OIC Programme of Action, especially the relevant provisions about the consolidation and merchandising of the foundations for team spirit and team spirit between the Member States as well as with minorities and Muslim communities,

5. Remembering that The True Religion of Islam, the religion of peace, requires the maintenance of Islamic values of peace, compassion, tolerance, equality, justice, human dignity, and the merchandising thereof, Welcoming the initiative of the UAE to preserve the Forty-Sixth Session of the Council of Foreign Ministers underneath the motto “50 Years of Islamic Cooperation: Roadmap for Prosperity and Development”,

6. Acknowledging the significance of promoting and strengthening the ties of Islamic financial and industrial harmony and harmony between Member States is a good way to reap monetary integration and comfy our not-unusual hobbies inside the global arena, and striving for the merchandising of the main role of Islam in the international, while making sure sustainable development, progress, and prosperity for the peoples of Member States,

7. Confirming the necessity of enhancing the cooperation if you want to acquire sustainable social and financial development to assist in reaping actual integration of our States within the global economy consistent with the ideas of partnership and equality,8.
Reaffirming the significance of placing an appropriate condition for a sound rearing of Muslim children and kids and instilling in them Islamic values via education to promote cultural, social, ethical, and moral values among them,

9. Recognizing that the deterioration of human, social, and monetary situations is one of the essential demanding situations our nations face and that such corruption hinders the success of prosperity, sustainable improvement, and future foresight on all ranges so that it will ensure safety and peace in our Muslim international and shield it, Declare the subsequent:

10. We reward the efforts made using the OIC all through five decades to maintain and guard our common pastimes, suggest the fair causes of Member States, coordinate and unify efforts of the states with a purpose to deal with the demanding situations going through the Muslim international specifically. The worldwide network is preferred, as stipulated by using the Charter of the OIC.

11. Affirm our commitment to appreciate the safety, sovereignty, independence, and territorial integrity of Member States, and agree with the necessity of resolving current and rising litigations and conflicts through negotiation, mediation, and reconciliation by way of adopting diplomatic answers based on the principles of worldwide regulation. Consequently, we came upon the full activation of the OIC mechanism on peace and safety and the coolest workplaces of the secretary fashionable.

12. Decide to mark the 12 months of 2019 as a golden jubilee of the 50th anniversary of the OIC, to decorate its presence as an international organization and an effective associate inside the stabilization of peace, safety, and improvement in the global. We invite all Member States to have a good time this anniversary by way of setting up countrywide programs within the framework of the OIC.

13. Reaffirm that the Palestinian difficulty is a significant problem to reach the Arab and the Muslim international locations, and reiterate our role to strive to attain a complete and everlasting solution and to set up an impartial Palestinian State in keeping with the borders of June 4, 1967, with East Jerusalem as its capital, by the choices of worldwide legitimacy and the Arab Peace Initiative.

14. Condemn all Israeli violations towards the brotherly Palestinian humans and any approaches taken by the Israeli occupation forces to change the character of East Jerusalem or its demography or any arbitrary steps that undermine the worldwide efforts to reach the two-state solution and obtain peace.

15. Confirm our commitment to guide the United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees in the Near East (UNRWA) and invite the international community to meet its obligations regarding Palestinian difficulty and Palestinian refugees.

16. Condemn all kinds of interventions in the inner affairs of the states, as such interventions are considered a violation of the norms of international regulation and the principle of sovereignty of the states.

Call upon the Islamic Republic of Iran to respond undoubtedly to the peaceful calls of the UAE to attain a friendly answer which ends the Iranian profession of the 3 Emirati islands via communication and direct negotiations or by looking for worldwide arbitration. – Declaration of the forty-sixth Session of the Council of Foreign Ministers

17. Call upon the Islamic Republic of Iran to respond definitely to the peaceful calls of the UAE to attain a nonviolent solution that ends up the Iranian profession of the 3 Emirati islands via talk and direct negotiations or using looking for worldwide arbitration.

18. Affirm our dedication to holding Yemen’s unity, sovereignty, territorial independence, integrity, and refuse any interference in its inner affairs. We reaffirm our aid to the rule of constitutional regulation in Yemen so that you can restore peace and balance in Yemen. We verify that the political solution is the best method for the Yemen disaster. Such a solution is based on the three points of reference agreed upon in addition to the Security Council Resolution 2216. In this appreciation, we renew our assistance to the efforts of the United Nations and its Special Envoy for Yemen and guarantee that the coalition forces led via the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia entered Yemen upon reputable request via the legitimate authorities in Yemen and in keeping with UNSCR2216.

19. Condemn all violations made via the revolutionary Houthi defense force in Yemen and the continuous looping and obstruction, using this Houthi armed forces, of humanitarian and remedy useful resources meant for the brotherly Yemeni populace. We also strongly condemn the armed forces’ continuous stubbornness and refusal of peace in Yemen with the aid of enforcing obstacles and demanding situations and procrastinating the implementation of what has been agreed upon in the consultations in Sweden on December thirteen, 2018. We call upon the worldwide community and the applicable U.N. organs to expect their obligations using increasing strain on the rebels for them to conform with peace and enforce the Sweden settlement.

20. Confirm our unchanged dedication to maintaining the sovereignty, stability and territorial harmony, and integrity of Syria, and confirm the need: to reach a political answer based on the participation of Syrian Parties to satisfy the aspirations of Syrian human beings, and in conformity with the Geneva assertion and the resolutions and statements issued in this regard, especially the Security Council Resolution 2245 (of 2015); to help the U.N. efforts to hold conferences in Geneva and attain a political agreement of the Syrian crisis; and to invite states to cooperate with the U.N. for aa hit final results of the Syrian negotiations on the way to quit the war and set up peace and balance in Syria.