Ball State student displays on Iowa Cubs summer time internship

It won’t be the Chicago Cubs, but it might be one step closer to Wrigley Field for one Ball State senior.

Sarah Kendall, sports activities management predominant, operates as a stadium operations intern at Principal Park, the home subject of the Minor League Baseball group Iowa Cubs in Des Moines, Iowa.

Iowa Cubs summer time internship

“Part of the motivation for purchasing hired with Iowa might be getting affiliated with the Cubs business enterprise,” Kendall said about her internship, hoping to become with the Chicago Cubs — her present-day company’s Major League Baseball affiliation.

At the beginning of the autumn semester, she applied for 37 exclusive internships in the sporting industry in about a month. After receiving statistics about her current training from her adviser, she despatched in her software, had a smartphone interview, and landed the internship.

“I’m a huge baseball fan. That’s what drew me into trying to work in baseball,” Kendall stated. “My fine recollections are associated with sports activities. So, I changed into simply hoping with a purpose to paintings in sports activities and help people create those reminiscences I maintain dearly.”

While it does assist in having a baseball hobby, it’s no longer required, said Nic Peters, stadium operations supervisor with the Iowa Cubs. Having an interest in the game “gives a concept of what they’re doing and why fans love the games so much.”

Kendall works on recreation and non-recreation days, going to paintings as early as 6-7 a.M. On sports days. She receives images of all entities inside the stadium — catering, parking, tours, and many others. Closer to sport time, the intern’s paintings promotions — promoting their packages and gear and exciting the attendees with activities.

“It’s a very fast-paced surrounding that I surely enjoy,” she stated.

Nongame days, she said, is a touch extra comfortable when interns do what needs to be finished, largely involving cleansing and maintaining the stadium.

“I assume one component I would take away the most is how interwoven the department may be,” Kendall said, contrasting it with a previous internship wherein she could make only paintings with the advertising and marketing team. “Getting to fulfill and interact with loads of people and now not just staying in my little bubble is truly high-quality.”

Peters said some different stadium internships wouldn’t provide as extensive of a possibility as the Iowa Cubs.

“What we provide here is just the entire bundle regarding operations internships,” he said. “Here, we’re capable of giving you a complete look at the whole thing that goes on right here.”

Peters stated many interns circulate directly to sales and advertising jobs afterward and don’t live in stadium operations. Still, they nevertheless get a great historical past within the vicinity.

“We have quite some interns every 12 months that haven’t any operations background; however, they get into operations simply to get a concept of what operations are and how it’s run, and if they do or don’t adore it and cross from there,” he said.

Managing huge personnel with only a few managers may be a tough challenge. Hence, Peters said they search for interns with a “cross-getter persona.”

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