Over 12,500 job seekers to get possibilities at Delhi executive’s Mega Job Fair

The Delhi authorities have organized a -day Mega Job Fair to provide employment opportunities to over 12,500 task seekers with seventy-six organizations from the non-public region. Honesty has started within the countrywide capital from nowadays i.E. January 21, 2019. The government also organized a comparable activity honest inside November’s final year.

Delhi executive's Mega Job Fair

Employment Minister Gopal Rai informed IANS, “At the activity truthful, seventy-six businesses will provide employment possibilities to over 12,500 task seekers.”

About the job truthful:

1. The process of honesty has been organized in Thyagaraj Stadium.

2. The truth will preserve until 5 pm on January 21 (Monday) and January 22 (Tuesday).

3. According to a commercial issued through the Delhi authorities’ Directorate of Employment, private companies can post vacancies with their device-generated login ID and password.

4. The job seekers can then choose vacancies and companies in step with their qualifications and skills. The applicants can be screened and shortlisted using businesses in the activity truthful.

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Ask Yourself What You Love Doing:

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