Purnea college to launch 14 self-financing courses

Purnea University (PU) has emerged as the primary University in Bihar to launch 14 self-financing publications to create youth opportunities.

14 self-financing courses

The publications in self-financing mode encompass- Master of Physical Education, M Sc in Food Science and Technology, M Sc in Molecular breeding, PG Diploma in Green House Technology, M Sc in Fisheries Science, M Sc in Bioinformatics, M Sc in GIS and Remote Sensing, M Sc in Horticulture and Landscape, PG Diploma in Astrology and Palmistry, Master of Arts in Gandhian Thought, Master in Library and Information Science, Master in Company Secretary, MBA (Marketing/ Banking and Finance/ HRM and LLM.

After completing the path, these college students will get jobs in multi-national groups and authorities sectors; besides, they can create jobs for others. The demand for self-financed courses has increased in recent years because specialization allows them to get jobs,” said PU VC Prof Rajesh Singh.

“Our purpose is to make our college students stand on their feet. The extra you provide, the higher for the students in getting an activity,” he added, hoping that the publications would create a significant possibility for students and help them hone their skills. Introducing self-financing guides may also assist the region in developing that has remained in backwater seeing that independence.

Online admission bureaucracy and e-prospectus may be available from June 18th and can be concluded on June thirtieth.

More alternatives would be had for college students applying within the consultation 2019-20 for a master’s diploma in three faculties besides the PG department of the University.

“Students can do PG publications in sixteen subjects in arts except 5 in technological know-how, and college students pursuing trade can also do PG in it,” said PU vice-chancellor Prof Rajesh Singh.

The centers for PG publications could be Purnea College Puenea, D S College Katihar, and Purnea Mahila College, except for the PG department of the University.

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