Some parents dissatisfied over proposed faculty closings

ROBESON COUNTY, N.C. (WPDE) — Several mothers and father are dissatisfied over the possible final of South Robeson High School in the Rowland community of Robeson County, wherein their students attend.

They said board contributors are regularly chipping away at the individual of Rowland because the college performs one of these pivotal function within the community.

proposed faculty closings

The Public Schools of Robeson County voted Tuesday night unanimously to transport ahead with a plan to decrease a $2 million deficit and better equip students and instructors for getting to know.

Five schools– Hargrave Elementary, Green Grove Elementary, R.B. Dean Elementary, Rowland Middle, and South Robeson High Schools– would all close as a part of the plan, consolidating as an alternative with other faculties.

Superintendent Dr. Shanita Wooten referred to dwindling pupil populations in each of these faculties because of this less cash to pay instructors and a group of workers.

She argued consolidating schools and assets to different schools together with an extended population could supply college students that high-quality training.

Melissa Davis Ocean is one of the parents disillusioned over the potential last of South Robeson High School.

Ocean stated it’s no longer truthful that her child will be bused to another faculty after they already have an excessive college proper on the town.

She brought the district wishes to be greater responsible with taxpayer greenbacks.

Ocean posted the following announcement on Facebook:

“Accountability is the important thing, Don’t punish our children for your horrific commercial enterprise selections, million greenback sports activities complexes, 900,000+ on a blueprint for a faculty you can’t find the money for, transferring the important workplace into a known flood region and having to do big repairs twice., whilst you recognize each serious typhoon will decimate the building; what approximately that money. Those savings on my own would cowl the two million greenback deficit. Team constructing trips at the expense of the taxpayers, What team? The board receives along like a % of rabid wolves, geared up to destroy every different and the weakest hyperlinks, which remains the metropolis of Rowland. Let’s talk up human beings.”

Ocean despatched the subsequent email to all college board contributors along with her concerns.

“My call is Melissa Davis-Ocean. I am an involved and very indignant discern of a scholar that attends South Robeson. I am fairly disillusioned and extremely perturbed with the selections which have been made without the entering of the community. This is the second one time in a year that our network has been faced with the stressful results; of the Board failing to observe thru with their responsibilities. How are you able to, as a school device, not recognize that you had been operating in a deficit however, constructing wonderful high-priced subject houses. The roof at South Robeson was leaking, but you selected to restore the sector residence at Lumberton Senior High first. Why have been one hundred+ out of district transfers processed, causing the enrollment numbers to plummet? You lost a whole school to the Innovative School District.

You have absolutely lost the faith and beliefs in almost the entire metropolis. The Board is sort of a typhoon that keeps ravaging the town of Rowland again and again. I could pass on, and on however, there might be an area and time for that. Monday, June twenty fourth at 6:30 pm we are asking for that each one board members pop out and listen to the issues and explain your choice to take such drastic measures, explain to the groups you have destroyed, the scholars who have lost religion in you and your potential to make precise choices for them. Help us recognize how Rowland and our youngsters retain to suffer? Why do they ought to adapt, to an opposed environment? Why can they not move to a school in their personal network? Why does no person on the board stand up for them? Why can South Robeson not turn out to be 6-12? Or why no longer turn them over to the ISD? That’s a separate investment. Are you all reimbursing the upcoming Seniors for the South Robeson memorabilia, that they have got purchased for commencement, earrings, grad packages? Will the kids that just took drivers ed; complete the using part of the class, which has already been paid for? There are many questions, optimistically, this time there are solutions. You all are robbing them of their background. We want you to explain.”