Students Islamic Organisation announces national marketing campaign

NE DELHI: Alleging colonization of schooling and curtailing of rights of students from the marginalized network, college students frame nowadays introduced the launch of a national marketing campaign to elevate their demands.

The Students Islamic Organisation (SIO) of India stated the campaign “Resist Internal Colonization of Education; Demand the Rights of the Marginalized” could run from August 25 to September 10.

“There is a conspired effort taking area to negate the possibility for the marginalized students inside the field of training. New academic policies, as well as the systematized invisible violence, are substantially contributing to making it appear.

“This is virtually much like old skool casteist colonialist monopoly of schooling and knowledge is coming lower back to the practice,” SIO of India General Secretary Khaleeq Ahmed Khan informed newshounds here.

The demands raised by way of the students’ outfit include execution of a unique package for SCs, STs and minorities to make certain ok illustration in better schooling; reinstating the UGC and all its powers; repealing the UGC regulation which resulted in PhD and M Phil seat cuts and protecting minority status of the JMI and the AMU.

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