The story of an Ericsson Research internship

Each year, the Ericsson internship software allows college students worldwide to enjoy an administrative center that is converting the world. Recently, Jiangpeng Tao joined Ericsson Research to test lifestyles as a researcher inside the enterprise – working daily on initiatives regarding AI, mixed truth, and pc imagination and prescient. This is his story.

The story of an Ericsson Research internship 1

Before joining Ericsson, my research changed to restricted laboratory work at the university. I am keen to engage in organization degree tasks and learn how to stability studies with practical problems, along with personal calls for and manufacturing value. That’s why, for me, Ericsson has constantly been one of the dream places to paint. When I discovered Ericsson Research is imparting research internships, working with intriguing and contemporary initiatives in laptop vision, I applied for the summer internship without hesitation.
A research internship with a distinction

Throughout the studies internship, I worked as part of a crew that turned into growing an augmented reality (AR) assistant for Ericsson’s Radio System. The mobile sensible assistant can assist engineers in routinely diagnosing troubles and providing effective recommendations, thereby decreasing time and human cost in setting up, configuration, and preservation. To make this happen, the cell utility needs to apprehend and localize various additives of a radio base station.

My group designed a visible object detector primarily based on Convolutional Neural Network (CNN) architecture. Although the sensor delivered high-quality performance, it remained hard to run on a mobile device because of highly high calculation complexity. As part of my studies internship, my number one undertaking changed into assisting the team in teaching and optimizing alternative detector architectures that could run on a telephone or tablet, nevertheless keeping accuracy.

From the primary day, my internship at Ericsson Research became filled with worthwhile paintings and exuberance.
A technical and innovative place of business

Collaborating with skilled researchers, I always acquired helpful and fine advice. My teammates also helped me avoid spending too much time on simple responsibilities, such as putting in an experimental environment, which allowed me to focus more on essential studies. As a fledgling researcher, I now and then made errors in the method and had no clear knowledge of the industrial challenge and applicability of a few techniques. But by discussing with my colleagues, I became able to analyze lots from their giant insights.

Through an Ericsson internship, I changed into given the liberty to specific and apply my mind throughout several interesting projects. Even while my ideas had been once in a while impractical and now not concept-via, my mentor and associates have been there to concentrate and get my ideas into form. My group failed to push me too tough, but as an alternative, it depended on and supplied me with time and area to develop.

As an engineering student, what excites me the maximum is immersing myself in a technical and progressive environment. During my time at Ericsson Research, I had the opportunity to interact additionally with different teams and, in doing so, examine more approximately special fascinating technologies, including blended truth, quadrotors, and speech popularity.

My internship at Ericsson became a precious revel that has helped me develop individually and professionally.
Change the world with us.

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