Walden Grove grad experiencing life on Capitol Hill

Carlos Tadeo Martinez, whose mother and father were born in Mexico, couldn’t have imagined sitting down to lunch in the Longworth House Office Building cafeteria in Washington, D.C., when he first commenced the University of Arizona in 2016.

This summertime, he’s there for a seven-week internship within the workplace of U.S. Rep. Raúl Grijalva.

grad experiencing life

“I never idea that a person like myself might be on foot down the halls of Capitol Hill, submitting paperwork into the Cloakroom, supporting craft congressional facts,” he stated from Washington, where he began his internship this month.

After graduating from Walden Grove High School in 2016, Martinez had deliberated in pursuing a UA commercial enterprise diploma. That’s while he observed himself running on Democratic kingdom Rep. Rosanna Gabaldón’s re-election campaign for the Legislature. His attention was modified.

“I realized I desired something that facilitates others in some way, shape, or form,” Martinez said. “Finally, after a few standard training courses, I determined that I desired to do something in the public carrier and assist others.”

That led him to a double main in political science and Hispanic literature with a minor in Latin American studies. Martinez plans to graduate in 2020.

He became an intern for Grilava’s Tucson district workplace last summer and liked what he noticed.

“I enjoyed mastering the troubles that are pertinent to the southern network, the border, the troubles that affect us all,” he stated.

He implemented the Washington internship and turned it into a time-honored.

“I desired to do something here in Washington more associated with the policy facet and extra related to the political components of a congressional workplace,” he stated.

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