“DRDO hits upon treatment for leucoderma”

TIRUCHY: The ‘Leucoderma Awareness Movement-India’ has appealed to the Central and State Governments to create clinical attention about the disease and deliver equal importance to observing ‘World Leucoderma Day’ on par with observances of ‘World Day’ for other conditions.

treatment for leucoderma

The movement’s national secretary K. Umaapathy briefing newsmen at the resolutions, followed by the National Convention on ‘Vitiligo-2019’ to mark the ‘World Leucoderma Day’ held here Sunday, said that an answer to that effect turned into adoption.

He stated the meeting also desired the TN Government to treat leucoderma within the Chief Minister’s complete medical health insurance scheme, including a lesson on the sickness within the curriculum in all instructional structures like CBSE, State board, and so forth. They additionally appealed to the Union Government to recruit folks who had leucoderma for the Indian Army, he introduced. Besides, he said leucoderma is neither hereditary nor infectious sickness, and the Defence Research Development Organisation (DRDO) has developed medication for curing it.

As a part of the convention, the seventh “Swayavaram” turned into held to allow wedlock for the leucoderma-affected men and women he introduced.

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